[Theme] Night Mode Aion Forum

  • Today I want to share my "Night Mode" theme for this forum. Inspired by other "Night Mode" themes from other website I just created this one.

    How to install this theme:

    1. You need an addon that manipulates the stylesheet from any website.

    - If you ask me I would prefer "Stylish" as addon. Available for the follwing browsers: Google Chrome , Firefox, Opera

    2. Active the addon if not already activated.

    3. Click on the addon symbol and choose "Create Design".

    4. Copy and paste the code that you can find here.

    5. Change the rule to ""URL on follwing domains ..." and enter "forum.aion.gameforge.com" to apply this theme just for this website.

    6. Give this theme a name (can be anything - name doesn't make any change) and click on "save".

    7. Go back to this website and active this theme if not already actived yet.

    OR just click here and click "install style".



    Forum view:

    Thread View:

    Changelog 14.02.2019:

    • Release

    If you find any mistake or that should'nt be like expected don't hesitate contact me and maybe give me some feedback.


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  • this one is so good tbh
    tyvm :3