Make Dredgions great again.

  • I really liek the Idea of Battlegrounds but they deliver 0 value for the time spent to find a enemy group currently.

    So i suggest the following for any available Dredgion/Battleground since the AP are irrelevant this time around :

    Increase Defense/Damage/HP from mobs massively so rushing is no Option.
    Disable Collection Bonus so everyone is on the same page.

    Make PVP a bigger incentive instead of rush to Dredg. Commander, Farming Points

    Add more relevant stuff to the battlefield coin NPC permanently.
    Add more coins to the reward for loose & win.

    - Polishing Powder / Stone

    - Cleaning Powder / Purifyer
    - Ultimate Fragment of Memory, Legendary Fragment of Memory
    - Apostle Fragment Bundle
    - Lord Sacred Water (1 per Week max)
    - Daevanion Trait Skill Random Box (esp interesting for Asmodians) 1 per week
    - Daevanion DP-Skill Book Chest
    - Major Rune Fragment Bundle

    - Glowing Odian Fragment Bundle
    - Extreme Enchantment Stone
    - Stigma Enchantment Stone
    - Cat/Fox/Sheep Gold 66 Type Contracts
    - Lv 83 Wrapping Scroll ?
    - Restoration Stone

  • Very creative, but daeva trait book was in aion shop already once, one day. Too much "premium item" -s, but i keep my hands in the air for Ur idea and for Ur success. I dont say that i dont want. Ofc cool if could be <3

    I like it very much !

  • Pls not.

    That would be another daylie thing to do. The rewards are way too important, that you could skip Dreds with that improvement.

    How should we go dreds on daylie basis? Aphsaranta Daylies, Lugbug daylie, Lakrum/Dumaha/Red.Kata Daylies, Sieges, PVE-Instances..

    when should we have time to do dreds? and what about ppl that work shifts? everything else they can do withing their playtime (except for sieges), but you are forced to be online at the opening times. when you miss it, it would be to much of a imbalance to players that can do them.

    either lower the rewards or leave it like it is now.

  • as it is now its absolutely worthless ^^

    plus those are just suggestions what could be put inside to make them interesting again.

  • That would be another daylie thing to do.

    Yes, and it is really friendly - for everyone. Not like, for example Gold Arena, where it is for limitted gear there (all top from each serv)

    when should we have time to do dreds?

    By playing this game.

    Conclusion: Aion could back to the "normal mode" like mostly everyone wants. Not like present we have: that player mostly does not play, does not even log in (many). Now 8.0 = new armour and weapon, so players nolife Asfaranta. But when collect all U will see, that this what i wrote is the truth. Boring content, i mean - not many things to do. We nolife Asfaranta, go some siege, maybe once RT out of two? 0 Dredgions, 0 Kamar, difficulty with NC - in case of Asfaranta. To try colorize Aion, this thread and this idea is very cool. Some very interesting rewards from Dredgion, or by using Battlefield Coin - will only improve this game. I love Asfaranta already - tbh, but it is the solo one only new, fresh mecha.

    I would like, to Galeas will come, and maybe forward this idea. Even two or three new rewards available from Dredgions will only improve this game and will add a new way to choose: what players wanna do in this day for example. Choose for players is always appreciated - always, especially with such game like Aion is - very big content what now becomes more and more boring.

    As an additional reward, i wanna back Honour Points, but not such big amount like in 5.x patch. My own idea for it is:

    40 HP for victory

    0 HP for loss

    20 HP for draw

    - Daevanion Trait Skill Random Box (esp interesting for Asmodians) 1 per week

    for this one - we could even receive bundle with shards of this book- and also could be very cool :) Shards making an item :)

    After all:

    i would like appear this mechanism:

    -all characters what R afk - autokick from party - the same like we had this mecha in Dumaha: Raging Guardian General after conquering 10th Altair. There was autokick after being too far from right area. This system could works for all Battlgrounds, but with this side: 0 move, 0 points, 0 activity (boxes, balaurs, other mecha), 0 damage - autokick

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  • On the one hand I like the idea of a single gear for both pve and pvp. But what I really dislike is that you can only get it exclusively via PVE. It is so boring now. I mean there is a lot to do, maybe to much, but very boring quests.

    No idea if possible but a cool way would be to put something like ancient fighting spirit

    fragments for dreds/runats as reward. And once you collect X you can get a piece , or collect X+Y and get a selectable piece.

    This way people can choose farming non stop aspharanta or dreds/runats.

  • or simply run the instance which isnt that hard to do.