Aion EU Community Discord - a Place for everyone

  • We opened our Discord server roughly a year ago and I'm inviting all the players on the new forums to join our Aion EU Community Discord Server aswell. Server is completely free and it has really nice features like Nick and Shugo emojis :cookieshugo: and many other things. It's a place that is devoted to the Aion community and to its players with a lot of cool things and tools from patch notes to ninja lists. We have currently over 2500 members and over 800 ppl online on peak hours. Aion EU Community Discord, click here to join

    Servers idea is to bring everything Aion related close to you. We have Aion patch update section that gets updated regurarily, active mods, ninja list on a bot, possibility to organise PvP fights or just simply trading, basically whatever you need that is Aion related. We will have some features for streamers and youtubers or just aion content makers in general, even art, and possibility to advertise it a bit aswell. We also started to support other games so it's easier to spend time and play different games with each other. Adding different tags is public and you can just add a tag and join in our games if you feel so. So everything for everyone. Feel free to come chill and check it out.

    PS. We still miss the Balaurs. Forever in our hearts <3