Population, balance and payment?

  • I'm a former Aion player. I want to play again. But I have some questions.

    1-Which is the most crowded server?

    2-What are their numbers online? I want real numbers, not estimates.

    3-P2W or F2P?

    4-What's the balance between the characters?

    5-Is anyone cheating?

    6-Most importantly, is it worth playing?

    Thanks ^^

  • 1) For first question it's stormwing the server the most populated

    2) their is not really numbers accurate, but if you go to the myaion website https://myaion.eu/ the cap is 3000 or 3500 if i remember what livo said on the discord so you just have to calculate

    3) p2w of course

    4) i didn't understand your question

    5) hmm how to say it is better to ask this kind of question in private rather than in public on the forum

    6)Worth it to download Aion again i let you see the topic

  • Technically speaking you can get everything there is without paying, just as much as you can technically get everything you want in cheap pay to win mobile games

  • The last question is, will an official "Aion Classic" be released in the European region?

    Classic server:

    We are still in discussion with NC. Opening a classic server at the moment would look more like running a new game than just opening a server. The process is rather slow because of that reason and at this point we still have no guarantee that the project will happen. Technical requirements and changes are currently the main point of discussion.

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  • the servers are dead big time.

    You must be really bored to necro month old threads to complain like you do everywhere else, go and play your na classic server 😂

    I DONT complain as you state, I just state it how it is, it could be so much better yet GF make it as hard as they can even the changes in the latest patch from GF at a joke, how are players meant to feel happy and want to do thing when GF make it like this?

  • game is dead you run around for hours u find nobody except ocasional bots

  • I'd love doing pvp outside of Katalam, Dumaha, Tempus Fugit/Celat, Arenas, Dredges and Lakrum aswell.