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  • Far from being dead, compared with that game. Here is very much alive if we like it or not, being instances that we don't win or getting zerged in open world. In that game, PvP is just not a thing. All the people I know and some that I have watched, only played that game for PvE. The PvP part is not a thing and I'm sure people don't join for that. Probably the reason why the game is very popular. Same thing with a PvE oriented game like Path of Exile. That is not a PvP game. People join for PvE. There is PvP in there but probably less than 1% do it and most of them because they want achievement. Yet another very popular PvE game.

    How is that wrong? At this stage of the game you can still find players like you, almost at any time of the day, to do PvE instances that you need.

    You can still see 6 man HT forming, for gear farming. These groups fight the instance and 'win' it. Do the same in PvP. The result is not the same. In the same time you see groups forming for highest PvE instances. You will get there, at your own pace. In PvP there is no progression like that. The is no entry level and anything similar. If you missed your chance to gear up with the rest, well, good luck.

    If I start an alt today, I can 'win' all PvE instances at my own pace. I don't need to rush anything. If I get legendary gear in 2 months because I don't play it much, so be it, but at least I still find groups to do it and 'win' it. Then I can progress further and do the same. There is no winning in PvP with this char. Not in instances and not in open world. I missed my chance.

    And I can mostly plan my PvE instances. I can't plan my PvP ones, neither by days or hours. Hence I said it's more forgiving.

    You work 16h and then come back to work next day? There is a law for that too. You work 12h, it's mandatory to have 24h rest. I'm sure there are still nations that are overworked and underpaid in the same time. Probably one of the reasons we see people from the east coming to Europe or NA. You can get underpaid here too, getting paid minimum salary (set by law), which is not much, for the same job that is paid a lot more in other EU countries, but the working time is also set by law. I mean, if a job is overworking me and I get paid minimum salary, nobody is stopping me to find another job, because nobody can pay me lower than this, by law. It's very hard to believe this is happening in the west, especially when those people with those skills can find another good job because the market is quite in need. In Europe (except maybe UK) a software dev is not getting paid as much as they do in US, it's more or less like a regular job, but you see the market is in need, offering all sorts of bonuses (all kind of paid services) so that you go to them. You get screwed by someone, you move on to another one in this domain.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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  • Hi!

    I just want to inform you that I will also leave the team because of private reasons. That Sita and I leave at the same time was not planned, but thats now how it is :)

    It was a nice time with you guys, see ya!

    ~ Sparx ~