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    I am looking for Templar, Cleric, 3 Dps to grow together.

    If it happens to you that even having ambrus +15, starlights, they do not invite you because you do not have registration or you simply do not know or they did not tell you how to do it, you get stuck in the endgame, it does not advance or you are simply a lonely only player like me and still so you want to grow a little more, improve and throw some hard instance, this is your moment.

    The game is to be played, enjoy to play. I only ask for respect, understanding and willingness to do it. : *



    since this can talk to me whoever wants to point it out since it is not a premade but to learn everyone who wants to go do hard instances, since it is very difficult to gather and train them for personal matters, we are training those who are in The moment the groups leave, I do all of this for you bastards, don't let them sell you the Run 1 or 2 GPS, if not let us win them ourselves

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