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  • I'd like to see a huge increase of stigma enchantment stones in events instead of stigmas. Stigmas are useless after +5 or so as if u fail, u drop to 0. There's barely ppl that made a stigma +9 in this patch but there was many that made +9 before 6.x. This is one of the many problems that exist and ppl that didn't get stigmas in 5.x, most likely won't get it any time soon... unless you start adding stigma enchantment stones to the events. Would be really nice to see them in HT as you need again... hundreds of them to catch up with ppl.

  • I have calculated myself and i think a red piece would of been better instead of black flame that drops ×2 every run.

    Red enchantment stones introduced more in events , not saying every event but more than we have atm anyway and think about people wishing for lvl 15 either purple pvp or red pvp to be able to upgrade in future , we also need lots of those beacose we really strugled upgrading them until now , i think people deserve the chance to upgrade them to same tier next patch.

    if you get red gear from the event, that will be left to do in the game?

    That makes no sense. I have been doing pw for so long and not only me that miss few pieces that seem to never drop.

    I have many things to do in game and getting a red piece in a event has nothing to do with that.

    If u get black flame useless pieces is better ? They drop 2x per every run.

  • How can you predict the needs and necessities of the community 6 months in advance ?

    Gameforge couldn't predict that 9 months into 6.2 we'd want ancient contracts?

    I think at the core, this is a wrong way to think and to ask. Let me explain.

    Ideally, you want events to be fun in the first place and when we get rewards, should be something useful but not really needed. Ideally, you don't put vital game resources in events or cash shop, but ideally, in the same time you want the game to provide everything needed. We had such things many years back, as the game was giving us everything, and the events were giving us all sorts of useful things but not really a must to have them.

    Even in today's event, I got all the emotion cards from this event (skipped skin, because limited days), before any of other essential resources (legendary stones, contracts). I wouldn't mind if events would have been with just non essential items like that.

    Now the problem is, 5.x spoiled us with a generous amount of ingame resources, resources they were needed because the game went more p2w, therefore a more need, but on the other hand, if we played the game actively and skipped events, we would have had access to those resources anyway.

    In 6.x it's another story. We got the essential game, same as in KR, except the shop and more or less events. But what KR did is to put most of the (missing) game content in the shop and their shop events and there is no viable way to farm it in the game, unless you spend years.

    So for this, I think a more direct solution is to provide us with permanent meaning of obtaining them. Not by shop, and GF already does that, with their prices, and not by events, because they are limited in time and not accessible to future players. Ideally. I mean, we have a permanent vendor machine, or veteran reward system or other things (not the ow rng thing) which can provide 'long term' items (daily, weekly, monthly, annually), without the stress of missing events or them lasting too little, rng etc.

    I don't know who followed me so far but in a way, not having essential ingame resources in the events shouldn't be something to complain, ideally. So no matter when they plan them, shouldn't change a thing.

    But, there is a but. The game so far, after more than half year, it doesn't provide us with essential items or in the needed quantity, as most of it was in the shop in KR. Same as for the other working systems (vendor machine, veteran), they don't have everything and surely not in the needed quantity. So for the players the only hope that is left are events providing them. Some do hope for cash shop providing them but the ingame majority doesn't want that.

    Now, it's not only players last hope but the event manager keeps adding ingame resources, to tease us, and sometimes for unreal prices. Some other of them have absolutely no logic. It takes less than a half dredgion to get that lydium, or an arc kerubiel as we had it recently in other event. If you add ingame resources, learn the items value first, and their need second. We don't need legendary lydium or kerubiel or whatever, you get more daily for being almost afk, without the help of your events. But for some reason, things we can't get in the game in big quantities (contracts, limited to one a week from sand shop, vendor machine etc) are lower amount each event we get.

    And one thing I personally don't understand is why this rusty coin event can't be prolonged, even nerfed as it is? Someone asked that and the answer is, events can't be changed. Then how was it possible for blossom event, or pa,rty event or other before that, events which got extended?

    Anyway, I think someone up there need to rethink all the upcoming events, and learning about the game wouldn't hurt either. Is there some strategy behind? Some other long term goal we're missing? I wouldn't mind if this was put in some daeva tavern episode, letting us know what's the big plan, what are the upcoming events since they are planned and so on. This whole uncertainty of the big plan, or even smaller ones, makes people question a lot of things, including either to play the game or not anymore, as I recently asked myself why.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Just bring letter event back. It was actually awesome and motivated ppl to do also ow pvp and atleast leave town for some time. At least me,in the weekens i farmed all day like a crazy modafoka and now that is gone i just chill in lakrum watching series online xd. In my opinion this letter event was one of the best. Id suggest u to put it again sometime soon cuz itll make ppl rly happy and pleased.

    This event gave u exactly what we need i think. Enchant stones,transforms and even kinah if u just sell all the bundles . It was rly nice

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  • I was thinking that letter event with a lower Y and N ( to be fair ) drop rate could become even a permanent thing, just saying

    Is this a joke man xd. The rates were fine and fair. It has happened to farm 5k.mobs and get 5y so i guess drop rate is okeish

  • I was thinking that letter event with a lower Y and N ( to be fair ) drop rate could become even a permanent thing, just saying

    Is this a joke man xd. The rates were fine and fair. It has happened to farm 5k.mobs and get 5y so i guess drop rate is okeish

    If it were to become a permanent thing the rates should be lowered otherwise people wont do anything anymore but farm. U know i am right and that would fkup the game.

    But i dont think we are even allowed to think about another nice thing happening too soon so ...nvm

  • if they bring it back, letters should not be tradeable or the botters will make unnecessary profit from it again.

    How about banning the botters for once? I get the bot hate, totally, but the whole game needs these bots basically because nothing is tradeable anymore. All these 'measures' to counter the bots instead of just pulling them from their roots, only harm the game for all of us.

  • Problem is, as Galeas said some days or weeks ago, it´s kind of a never-ending fight.

    If you ban 1 bot, they will simply create 10 more for each account you ban.

    In the end, you can´t win by simply banning them all as they will just come out of their caves again and again.

  • Empyreanz, not trua at all!!!

    Some well programmed bot's are running for MONTHS!

    GF have logs, so they can easily delete bot's host account and this will really hurt cheaters!

    I have absolutely no idea why GF tolerates cheaters...

    Until bot problem is not solved, we should not have bot friendly events!

  • Doesn´t have anything to do with well-programmed.

    Some people are just watching over their bots and actually react on their own when they spot a GM checking them out. (yes, that actually happens, believe it or not)

    Did my kill quests on asmo side when a GM popped out of freaking nowhere right next to me.

    Gosh, we even have one well known bot user on Odin Elyos who´s writing in LFG chat with one of his bots to make everyone think that he´s not a bot.

    But I agree with your point that as long as there is no solution to the bot issue, there shouldn´t be such rewarding events for bots as the letter event.

    I don´t even want to know how much kinah they made during that event, seeing more than 200 bundles each day from the same bots..

  • It is not as black and white as you say , but on the other hand , it is a tad out of hand at the moment ... we have gold sellers on LFG , people announcing facebook pages selling kinnah , an endless number of bots ... it is not a pretty sight

  • The event isn't totally useless. It does give pvp enchantment stones for a decent price. Pretty much rest is totally useless and not worth to buy. The targeted group of the event probably struggles with getting the legendary items which is the main problem of the event.

    Grinding 1,5h for an instance to get 33% chance to get the legendary item you need is really expensive. The ppl that need those legendaries are usually on garden ancient gear. I can't finish this instance on my gok geared cleric +5 - +10 without abusing hook+mount bug cause I don't have the dps to finish in time. This makes the RNG legendary chest really questionable reward with that price.

    And I'm guessing support won't do a thing even though u bought something that has a wrong description on it :(

    Thats exactly what we‘ve Done 4.8 in Makarna the first Runs. With less chance to get the item u want.

  • Problem is, as Galeas said some days or weeks ago, it´s kind of a never-ending fight.

    If you ban 1 bot, they will simply create 10 more for each account you ban.

    In the end, you can´t win by simply banning them all as they will just come out of their caves again and again.

    Ofc it is, but it's a battle of resilience. Bots are ran by people too, meddle into their stuff too long and they will eventually migrate to something less exhausting. The only reason these people bot is because they can get away with it, wouldn't you say? If they really can't be stopped, what is keeping any of us from doing it? Sure all bots must have links to accounts that either buy their stuff or profit from it on some main accounts, it would be nice to hear that these other ones suffer repercussions as well, as in if you can't stop bots from farming, you sure can ensure people won't risk getting involved with such accounts.

    On the other hand, the only reason I can think of for people buying gold or just bot farmed items for cheap, is because the game makes it too hard for actual players to obtain those items. That and the fact that kinnah is such a central thing within the game. There's other ways to do things, there are plenty of games, even free to play ones, that have no bots because it doesn't really benefit anyone to do it and still farming is enjoyable.

    You think an event with tradeable items would make the bots rich, but seriously all bots need is bots, an event is nothing more but a small boost. Even you in 1 hour farming session would get a lot of valuable stuff to sell at broker, imagine someone farming 24/24, 7/7, with more than 1 char.

    Solutions like... making stuff untradeable, but sellable through broker, only makes matters worse. Who profits from these? Auction bots, these can't even be reported as you can't know what character does it. You push people out of desperation to try to trade stuff to their other characters on their account, and in the process you just feed those bots making their life easy. I don't see anyone complaining about that?! How about making most of these enchants, contracts, costumes and event items account tradeable instead of anything else? Then bots wouldn't be able to sell them to other people, and if someone bots with his main account then sayonora, account ban.

  • It's not the same level of loot. This is not Makarna loot that drops in the box right now. Makarna was end game instance in 4.8. This is like Rentus base gear that drops from the event. Legendary Holy tower gear is not on the same level as Makarna loot was in 4.8 when the instance was added.

    If the event chest would drop Prometun or Makarna grade gear, I'd totally get the time you grind for it. Most ppl that can finish the instance in time, need one or two pieces and the 33% chance to get it after the grind is just not worth it. They probably grind Prometun and Makarna to get better gear anyway.

  • Galeas I understand when you say events are planned months in advance, what I don't understand is why you repeat the events and each time they come back they are nerfed ? The latest coin event was an afk event, now it needs running for the missing 2 coins a day, giving the HT reward of one coin was because of the missing PVE stones, I get that, but what I don't get is the event managers need to nerf it so hard and reduce it from 4 weeks to 2. Did they feel that people got far to many rewards so maybe we should be sadistic and cut the amounts? Oh and gg on the Grogget event, PVP stones for so many runs how have we survived without it ;) Nice also to see this weeks event will be the beloved shugo game again, the one everyone loves or so it seems

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