General Event Discussion

  • What about if i for example did narakkali and have no entries left and i have 1/2 on the narakkali quest and then on saturday i want to do the other half to make it 2/2 but i have no entries left because i already ran it the days prior saturday will we get a reset? or are we forced to pay for extra entries using luna?

    Don't mess it up.

    And here is reset scroll (1 per week).


  • just don't do 4 runs in a row and rather save up two runs for later?

  • It's an account-wide task. Shouldn't it work on alts?

  • The term "account" in the HQ means that it can only be validated once at the account level.

    You may complete the tasks on alt, but if one HQ is already validated, it wont be validated a second time.

    Prices are available in veteran rewards, in the exclusive rewards section. You may assign the reword to the char of the account you want.

  • doesn't work i already tried going eso terrace with my twink it didnt count they only count on my main character

  • Thank you. Omg, my "fav" instance... XD

    Very fun to do all the old instances, that you spent hundreds of hours doing before just to get a skin or something.

    Then comes that day "I DONT HAVE TO DO THIS POOP ANYMORE!" and you realize you have to do these again. -.-

    Luckily many of these instances are 1/1 entries.

  • Hmm, old instances are beautiful and have that nice atmosphere, but Kromede... I remember when I've been doing it 5-6 times on every alt to lvl up. XD

  • It should, but it's not working. For example- if you play with your alt and one of your party members will kill boss in Lacrum, Dumaha- you will get 1/60 quests on alt, but on main it still will be 0/60 AND YOU CAN'T DO THAT QUEST ON YOUR MAIN AFTER THAT.

    Good luck))

  • On asmo side for pande quest you can do both.. You also get update as 2/2... but in the final reward it doesn't count, so it stays on 0/60 after doing it.

    I'm also not the only one with that problem.

    Galeas will this be fixed with the maintenance too?

    I hate stupid people.

  • hmmm, who would have thought that they could simply disable event and rollback servers, and start event after they got fix

    anyway, it was like 4 months ago, but we still feel effects of it, and will feel it for a long time