General Event Discussion

  • Tfear At least you missunderstand too the regular events from gf. this event is Totally unbalanced but you got a very low brain to understand this sorry for you. Past is past dont compare 5.X With today's situation you're With ur stupid mate thinking this is the Best évent game ever produce #facepalm

  • Lol at ppl suggesting to delete all kinah XD

    Bruh, u wanna delete all kinah ppl farmed for 2 years cuz u dont wanna lose 5 days of ur "effort" of opening boxes?

    Get real


  • Also, even if handful of players been collecting 100 billion, it's still not majority of players and these players wont have a huge impact on the ingame economy anyway.

    There are already players with 20x more kinah than everyone else, they still did not change the economy. Economy is not driven by minority, it's still driven by the majority. Prices will find their way: As long someone is paying, that is the correct price.

    Sorry but economy is driven by the minority which has a great share of total wealth

  • If your offices are on fire and you still didn't come up with a good solution (providing you don't want to rollback), then take your time to monitor the game and its economy, gather datas (must be fun to be able to know who's the richiest player right now and how much does he have :D ) but for the love of Christ shut down this event tomorrow.

  • People who are worried of their 10 billion kinah and full noble splen +15 accessories please go and play private server versions which you can get everything very fast or just avoid real MMORPG games. I even saw a comment that someone was saying after the event they can allow us to exchange our legendary pve stones to legendary pvp stones. I want to throw up already.

  • Please don't cry because people don't agree with the take of big vashiro on the event.
    GF failed by saying everything is working as intended.

    Therefore people continue or even started with the event in a crazy fashion.

    Like stopping any other content in the game. Just looting boxes all the time they are online. Often with multiple chars.

    Of course the event is totally dumb because it pumps trillion of Kinah into a system.

    No one is disputing that this event has a huge short time impact.

    Well you say that not the whole community is participating, right, but why not?

    It is their fault for not participating in an event that is working as intended. lol.

    Since that post came it is totally stupid not to farm kinah boxes and pve ench stones.

    I have no problem with those people complaining for their own decisionmaking.

    Almost any decision gf hands down will be bad. Because there hardly are any good options.

    Plus side: Lot of people have good pve gear. So any pve content is in theory possible for everybody now. "Just" the mechanics of the instances...

    I will say in the future it will be much easier to run instances serverwide. More people will play the content if it will be rewarding.

    This screw up is also a chance for gf.

    To keep "new" player that are now on the gear level as people who played for long time.

    In addition to the necessaty to get rid of the trillions of kinah, gf needs a strategy to keep players activ and make instances more rewarding. Not in terms of kinah, but other valuable items.

  • I Was afk for a week, That mean i can’t


    - play

    This f*** event !

    Really, it annihilate 2 year of playing...

    By being afk from a game 1 week, i miss so much, how can u kill AION more ?!


  • This is a very simple example why this event is terrible :) I hope people who are happy with event understands it is the worst thing

  • Event cant work as intended, it is bug.

    It is not event, it is abusing in all aspects. And event is breaking TOS rulles also, cmon.

  • No matter what GF does now it's wrong and too late

    There is an awful lot wrong with the game except that never stopped people from playing it.

    It is impossible to have a PVP/VE game where everything is perfect; there will always be winners and losers.

    ~ Say what you like to me but don't insult my Shugo ~

  • Most of you simply think too short-sighted.

    Even the alchemy event years ago had an impact for years and you think that event will only have an impact for months...

    What about any player after this event that missed it?

    Or any general activity ingame?

    Why should I login when I sit on full pve gear +15?

    So only siege and pvp activity?

  • Someone tald about unlimited farm kina in 5.x-6.x versions via farm supplements.

    It is not true.

    Everybody have limit of trade to NPC. Is about 113kk. It doesn't matter how much you farm per week, you have limit anyway per account.

    Right now incoming kina is under control.

    Gape and difference of no lifers kids and adult ppl who have IRL family/job etc is very big and it increses for every hour.


  • It is sad, not going to quote the messages that quoted me.. It is a total waste of time.

    Just super yikes. Too many delusionals.. cuz they love the event. Also other posters imply that literally the whole community is actually participating in the event and therefor there are zero downsides for it being this amazing with kinah. Nice experiment indeed.

    Have fun with a GrEaT AiOn.

    do you understand that this event which literally destroyed the game economy was implemented by GF or you need a scheme ti get it? Dont you get that the broker is TOTALLY EMPTY and that all those kinah which everyone had from this event , have no value at all? Dont you see gold packs at 1kkk price? And stones at 150kk each? Do you need glasses or simply you are too stupid to get that with this last GF move the game is completely dead?

  • the tryhard farmers who got 100b from this event already will still play if you rollback but the people who didnt tryhard farm will not. so there really is only one solution, rollback and give everyone something as compensation.

  • Did you actually read through my comments where I complained about how bad the event is? Or was that a mistaken Quote???!

  • but the people who didnt tryhard farm will not

    Until they discover they can sell a gold pack for 500kk +++

    yeah for sure little Timmy with his pocket money from mom and 0/80 VR fresh account will want to sell gold packs as first thing he does when he starts playing.