• Help search for lost gifts and claim some great rewards


    Blissephone, Santa’s assistant, is desperately looking for her Bliss Boxes, which were intended to be special gifts for Shugo’s Lucky Day. The boxes must have got lost during delivery. Blissephone believes that the two delivery Shugos Tuffinerk and Henchinerk might have something to do with the missing gifts.

    Now Blissephone is asking the Daevas for help tracking down the two rogues and the missing Bliss Boxes. The gifts must be taken to Wonnerinerk and Wonnirunerk quickly.

    As a reward, Daevas will receive gifts such as the Selection Box: Solorius Weapons, [Event] Motion Card Bundle: Ice Skate, [Event] Meririnerk’s Extreme Weapons Chest and much more!


    Lucky Day Bonuses

    Log into the game, stay online and grab your first gifts:

    Gift on 25/12 between Midnight and 11:59 PM

    Log in and stay online. After 6 hours you will receive the item [Event] Shugo’s Lucky Day (containing 1x [Event] Selection Box: Solorius Weapons and 4x [Event] Selection Box: Warm Masquerade).

    Daily Gift from 9/12 to 13/1

    Log in, stay online and receive the [Event] Gift Pack: Shugo’s Lucky Day every 30 minutes. (The cycle for this gift restarts every day at 9:00 AM. A maximum of 24 gifts per day can be received.)

    Lucky Day Gift Stocking

    Help Blissephone and be rewarded with the [Event] Green Gift Stocking! There are two ways for you to get the gift:

    1. Defeat the Thieving Delivery Shugos

    Those two scoundrels Tuffinerk and Henchinerk are hiding in the snow-covered areas of Gelkmaros and Inggison. Teach them a lesson and retrieve the [Event] Bliss Box.

    Once the garrisons have been occupied, Wonnerinerk and Wonnirunerk will appear. Give them the boxes to receive the following gifts from them:

    For 10 Bliss Boxes you’ll receive 1 Green Gift Stocking, and for 100 you’ll get 1 Green Gift Stocking filled with lots of higher-quality items – and with a bit of luck, a Red Gift Stocking.

    But be careful: fraudsters dressed as Wonnerinerk and Wonnirunerk will take the boxes off you too. Fall for their trick and you’ll get an Icy Shower instead of the stocking. Give chase immediately and defeat the fleeing scammer with this Icy Shower. Then you can receive the [Event] Bellstride from him, which you need for Blissephone’s quest.

    2. Complete the Quest

    Complete Blissephone’s quest in the Gelkmaros and Inggison fortresses to be rewarded with the Green Gift Stocking.

    The Doppelganger

    It would seem that Blissephone also has a nasty lookalike. Put a stop to her nonsense and collect even more gifts.

    You will find the doppelganger 4 times each day: at 11 AM, 1 PM, 7 PM and 11 PM, in the Netherworld and the Calmheart Grove. The rewards included the [Event] Melon Basket, the [Event] Ancient Polishing Stone, the [Event] Bundle with Masquerade: Warm Snowman and other exciting items.

    Lucky Melons

    The melons can be traded for high prices. This is how you get them:

    • Defeat monsters in Gelkmaros, Inggison, Lakrum, Dumaha, North Red Katalam and in the Silentera Canyon.
    • Put a stop to the rascals Tuffinerk and Henchinerk.
    • Defeat Blissephone to obtain the [Event] Melon Basket. It contains between 10 and 50 melons.

    How to exchange Melons:

    • Find Merorinerk in the fortresses in Gelkmaros and Inggison. He will give you Stigma Enchantment Stones, Runes and Odians for the Melons at any time.
    • Take the Melons to Meririnerk in the fortresses of Gelkmaros and Inggison between 9 PM and 9:30 PM, and he’ll exchange them for Transformation Contracts and Extreme Weapons. But this offer is limited, so you’d better visit him on time!

    Winter Hunting Season

    The Winter Hunting Season has begun in Atreia, and the Daevas are on the tails of the Harsh Wilders! Hunting is permitted every day from December 24th until January 12th between 7 PM and 8 PM: Wild Snufflers, Wild Bellepigs, Wild Larail, Wild Methus and Wild Elrocos.

    And the hunt is worth your while: there are drops of [Event] Bundles of Legendary Manastones, [Event] Bundles of Ultimate Manastones, four different [Event] Kinah Bundles, [Event] +9 Stigma Bundles and Minion related items.


    You can find all of the possible rewards for this event in our Rewards List.

    Note: The following items will be removed from the game at the end of the event: Melon Basket, Melon, Green Gift Stocking, Red Gift Stocking, Bliss Box, Icy Shower, Gift Pack: Shugo’s Lucky Day, Bellstride and Blissephone’s Gift.