Aion Community 1v1 Pvp Tournament

  • Aion Community 1v1 Pvp Tournament

    Friday 27th November, 21:00 Server time


    This tournament will be hosted and commented by Nuke and Mooony on respective Twitch channels:

    The goal of this tournament is to host a Pvp event created by the community, for the community.

    Lately Aion has mainly been promoted by un-official servers, sometimes submerming retail streamers in the Twitch directory. Though our game version definitely has problems (which we will not discuss here), we would like to use this moment of interest towards “Classic Aion” to also bring some of that attention to Aion Europe.

    I personally have been a content creator for this game for many years and would like, together with my co-hosts, to give something back to the community. Besides the prizes (listed below), I hope this tournament will provide everyone good Pvp moments, spark new and old players’ interest, and hopefully allow us to deliver a positive message to our publisher.

    About this tournament

    This is a 1v1 tournament with a best of 3 format (first one to win 2 rounds out of 3), direct elimination.

    There will be a “golden final” for 1st and 2nd spot, and a “bronze final” (loser’s bracket, consists of losers of semi-final) for 3rd and 4th spot.

    Finals will have a best of 5 format (first one to win 3 rounds out of 5).

    Tournament spot: Dumaha, Sand Squall


    How to join and how will the tournament bracket be generated?

    Registration is now closed.

    See the bracket here:

    Video recap for pre-tournament stream


    • 1st place: 10 gold packs + 50€ Aion Coins Coupons (2x 25€ codes)
    • 2nd place: 6 gold packs + 35€ Aion Coins Coupons (25€ + 10€ codes)
    • 3rd place: 4 gold packs + 25€ Aion Coins Coupon
    • 4th place: 10€ Aion Coins Coupon

    We will also randomly select, among the ones who will not win the prizes above, 2x lucky tournament participants.

    They will get 1x 10€ Aion Coins Coupon each.

    Winners can wait for "happy hours" on site shop to increase Aion Coins from coupons.

    I have put 10 GPs myself but we also have gathered some help.

    Thanks to sponsors: Stuun, Alllo, Myriani, Asiraseth, Squall+Gameforge (coupons)!


    General rules

    • This tournament will be closely monitored. All cheaters, no animation users, hackers and exploiters will be reported to the official support with video proof and immediately removed from the tournament (if necessary, we will call bodyguards!)
    • No ultimate forms as per poll result
    • No buffs from other players
    • In case fights last more than 3m, both players will be eliminated highest dps wins (monitored through dps meter)
    • Between each duel, there will be a 30 seconds recharge time
      This is very important since we have a long list of players. The idea is to make it similar to "gold arena", but a short wait time to regen / respawn.
    • Flying is not allowed
    • You can swap transforms mid fight


    • The main restriction is towards defensive sets which are not allowed (this is to avoid random evades, mres, pdef/mdef fights)
    • You are allowed to swap weapons: for example, glads are allowed to use greatsword, swap to bow, return to greatsword; chanter can swap staff / mace+shield, gunner can swap revolvers / cannon. Updated rule: no restrictions on manastones in your swapped weapon. This detail would've led to unnecessary trouble with manastones.
    • You may use new 7.7 items, including glyphs and new pvp gear.
    • Clarification for runes and glyphs: if you own different runes and glyphs you want to swap, you can do so.
    • You must keep your details open during the tournament.
    • power shards that act like godstone, godstones themselves, weapons with godstone effects are not alllowed

    Forbidden items

    In general, all “pay to win” buff items and rare-oldschool-items that are no longer obtainable in the game are not allowed. If the op item from 2009 days you are thinking of using is not in this list, please use common sense and don’t use it.

    • Pvp/Pve Ascension Jelly
    • Any kind of shield scroll or potion such as leibo protection
    • 1 billion hp/mp refull potions
    • Ultimate transformation potions
    • Cellatu potions
    • Noble water
    • Special attribute cookies
    • Seed of detection Seed of detection is allowed
    • Stellium
    • Bitter ice blessing and similar items
    • Candy transforms
    • Burned Honey Cake and similar "bomb" items that you can throw at your enemy

    Forbidden Skills

    • Improved daevanions Improved daevanions are allowed see poll result
    • All DP Skills
    • Deity transformation
    • All kind of weapon skills and debuffs, including dragon skills
    • Gear passive skills are however allowed (red katalam skin skills)
    • Transformation collection skills
    • Minion active and passive skills, but you can have your minion summoned

    Rules about specific classes

    I have decided not to target any specific class with extra rules besides the Hide state, simply because we do not want a 24/7 Hide tournament.

    • AT is not allowed to use emergency escape Since we have some ATs in the tournament and would like not to target specific skills/classes if possible, Emergency escape is allowed (also considering the high CD)
    • Assassins can’t play “perma hide” style
    • Hide is however allowed once per fight, up to 1 minute of duration - clarification: here I mean Hide and Shadowalk skills. You can use "shorter" hide skills (for example, remove shock hide, flash of speed hide)


    Keep an eye on this topic for updates.

    For questions, please refer to the following discord contacts (besides this forum):



    You can also contact us in the Aion EU official discord and community Discord.

    Thank you and have fun!

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  • Forbidden items

    • Seed of detection

    Forbidden Skills

    • Improved daevanions

    Everything is fine, but those 2 rules are downright stupid.

    Assa/rangers can abuse "short" in battle hide skills that give only hide 1 and it's actually broken af if you're not allowed to use seeds because they can easily wait your RS with it. Unless you count these in the "1 hide per match" rule.

    And playing without improved daevanions makes no sense at all.

    It's not 7.2 anymore, every pvp player has improved daevanions, and for some classes they are actually necessary because they change the skills fundamental mechanics and not just some extra damage.

    I hate stupid people.

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  • I will update the rules according to the results. We have tried to keep it safe for now and referred to previous tournaments.

    Thanks all who have applied already, we will increase the prizes soon.

  • would love to sign up for this but as a returning player I would be dead in a second

    Maybe you could do something for returning and new players who have not got the best gear would be great do love to pvp.

  • DP skills will overlap with daevanions tho

  • Ulti form shouldn't be allowed, why should you force people who don't have it to cash ulti potions for the tournament just to be able to compete at the same speed, when they are already at the disadvantage of not having ulti form collections which mostly give add crit dmg, the most broken stat by far in the game.

    On top of that, most of the top tier classes (bard, cleric, gunner) profit way more from ultimate form than the others.

    I hate stupid people.

  • Ulti form shouldn't be allowed, why should you force people who don't have it to cash ulti potions for the tournament just to be able to compete at the same speed, when they are already at the disadvantage of not having ulti form collections which mostly give add crit dmg, the most broken stat by far in the game.

    On top of that, most of the top tier classes (bard, cleric, gunner) profit way more from ultimate form than the others.

    I generally agree with this point, but since we have quite a bit of time, I opened votes to some topics. It's impossible to make rules that everyone will like, I appreciate everyone's feedback.

    Edit: I hope to finalize rules within this week. If there's something critical that is a deal breaker to any of you please let me know

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  • The problem is that asking "should we allow ultimate form y/n?" is like asking "do you have ultimate form y/n?" aside from a minority of ulti form owners who would vote against it out of respect for the people who don't, that's basically the same question.

    The people who have it can play with legendary, it doesn't cost them anything, the people who don't will have no choice but to cash for potions if they're out of stock.

    I think you should allow people to play with ulti form if they both have it, but if they're fighting against someone who doesn't, they will have to downgrade to legendary. Imo that's the best you can do to please both sides.

    I hate stupid people.

  • Rules slightly updated to allow more things, I understood we should only ban what is strictly necessary.

    We are getting close to 20 applications as of today, thank you!

  • 3 days left to join! Rules should be finalized now.

    On Wednesday evening I will close the registrations at 22:00.

    I will be live on streaming the bracket creation, will show the tournament location and go through the rules to finalize everything.

    See you there!

  • Tonight's pre-tournament stream announcement

    First of all, I want to thank all the people who donated Gold Packs and who joined the tournament. We did not expect to gather so much support and players.

    Today I will be online on my twitch channel with Mooony starting from 21:30.

    We will close the registrations at 22:00 and proceed to create the bracket live. I will go through the rules list one last time and comment everything so it's all clear.

    Finally we will show you the tournament location.

    An important point: since we have 30+ people playing, I already ask everyone to be at the tournament location on time, on Friday at 21:00. If someone does not show up, the opponent automatically wins the round (obviously).

    If you are late please let me or Mooony know and we will try to move your duel to the last positions.

    We also decided to reduce the waiting time between duels from 1 minute to 30 seconds. This will allow us to save a lot of time and keep the tournament "more active".

    Since we are going to play in a map where the hourglass is required, I ask everyone to check that you have enough time left. You can buy very cheap hourglasses in your base city in gelk / inggi at fame vendors, up to 9 hours of time. It should not take so long, but it can help if you are low on time.


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  • New Coupon Codes added

    As a very late update, we got support from Squall who provided us with more prizes from Gameforge, a total of 140€ worth of coupons.

    I personally want to thank Squall and Gameforge for this nice final touch which significantly increased our prize pool.

    See you tonight for the pre-tournament stream