(late)Introduction: Volveremos

  • Hello guys, ;>

    I know I was late with writing my thread here, but recently I had little health problems and my time for integration with u/performance of my duties was very limited.

    But not lengthening... I think after such a long time I should finally introduce myself.

    I am GF-Team member since October 2018 (Aion since March 2020). My internal nickname is Volveremos, but you can call me just Volv. ;) As it says on my profile, I am from Poland, but work in the English section.

    Generally I am a law student and also do office work. My hobbies are mainly MMO games, human rights, dietetics and recently oriental cuisine. I also try to return to jogging and physical activity, which are advisables in my case (no, I am not fat ;D... :cookieshugo:). I play Aion since 2016, so I know I am a young player compared to many others. I found the game by accident, one day browsing the offer of the old Gameforge launcher. I fell in love with Aion mainly because of the graphics and mass PvP system on siege - I am more of a PvP type than a PvE player. Answering the climactic question which side of the conflict am I on - I play both Elyos and Asmos, but identify more with the "dark side".

    I really enjoy talking and knowing new people, so if you want to talk to me about Aion or anything else, feel free to mention me on the general Discord channel or send me a private message. :)

    I hope that I have introduced myself a bit to you.

    Best regards and hugs,


  • but you can call me just Volv. ;)

    How is it with "Volvi" ? :ninja:

    Because of the Cuteness ... :ugly:

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    Wenn du mal wieder nicht weißt was du tun sollst, mach es wie Sparxy... :tee:

    Verfasser des "Eruu - Unser" bete auch du hier.... oder, für die Version 6.0 da...

  • I have some questions:

    1. What class do U love the most?

    2. Do U love skins? If y, what type is matching to Ur char the most?

    Let’s get started! :biggrin:

    1. Sorcerer is my favourite class since I play Aion. :) But I very love Cleric and Bard too. Generally I prefer magic-characters in MMOs.

    2. Of course I love it. :slove: I do not know what a specific type to matching my character, but think something specific and between magical n darkness suit to me the best. :beer:

  • I also have a couple of questions.

    1) What is your full name?

    2) What time is it?

    3) Would it annoy you if we asked you 497 more questions?

    4) What color is the telephone in your room?

    5) What brand of handkerchief do you use?

    6) How old are you?

    7) How old do you want to be?

    8 )How many seconds did it take you to answer these first 8 questions?

    9) Turn your head 50 degrees up and 30 degrees to the right! What do you see?

    10) Which flowers do you like best?

    11) Do you have pets?

    12) Do you have brothers and sisters?

    13) Are you sure that your name is the same as you mentioned above?

    14) What color is your hair?

    15) What color are your eyes?

    16) How tall are you?

    17) Do you believe in horoscopes?

    18) Do you smoke?

    19) What is your favorite song?

    20) What time is it now?

    21) Do you know your Chinese horoscope?

    22) If so, what are you?

    23) Do you believe in aliens?

    24) What do you know about the topic of reducing metal oxides?

    25) What does heart transplantation mean in English, French and Spanish?

    26) What is the 13th letter of the alphabet? (don't count after!) K ?

    27) How much credit do you have left on your cell phone?

    28 ) What is your favorite color?

    29 ) What is your favorite food?

    30) What is your favorite drink?

    31) Which sport do you think should become a national sport?

    32) Do you like shopping?

    33) If so, how long do you need?

    34) How old are you in days?

    35) What time is it?

    36) What is your favorite animal?

    37) Which car would you like to have?

    38 ) Why?

    39) How big is your room in m² ?

    40) What is your favorite instrument?

    41) Do you look like a famous person ?

    42) How do you want to be buried ?

    43) How do you drink your coffee ?

    44) Have you ever stolen?

    45) If you were a marker, how thick would you be and what color would you have?

    46) What are the worst names?

    47) What are the most beautiful names?

    48) What is your grade point average?

    49) Which car do you drive or do you want to drive?

    50) Would it annoy you if we asked you 450 more questions?

    51) What color is the car?

    52) Are you funny or strange?

    53) Are you a serious, loud, shy or cheeky guy?

    54) With which of your pens do you write the most?

    55) If you were stuck in the body of the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?

    56) What and who are you thinking about?

    57) Do we annoy you with our questions?

    58 ) Even if we annoy you, do you continue to write this (senseless) questionnaire?

    59)How many Hawaiian shirts does your family own?

    60)How many A's are on all your sweaters?

    61) If you had one wish! What would you wish for?

    62) Do you have a pastor?

    63) Was your last telephone bill high?

    64) What is your name if you swap the 1 with the 3 and the 2 with the 4 letter of your first name?

    65) Do you wear glasses?

    66) If so, what is your visual acuity?

    67) How tall are you in mm?

    68 ) Do you wear a chain?

    69) What is your favorite piece of clothing?

    70) Do you want to get married?

    71) If so, where?

    72) Do you have a six-pack?

    73) Are you popular?

    74) Who is Paul?

    75) Have you ever blown something up?

    76) What would your name be if you had been born as a different gender?

    77) How many pimples have you ever had on your face?

    78 ) What was the most unpleasant disease you ever had?


    79) What is the full name of the principal of your former school?

    80) How much do you earn per month?

    81) If you could give yourself your name, what would you call yourself?

    83) Have you ever seen the movie The Life of the Brain?

    84) If so, how often?

    85) Which scene do you remember especially?

    86) What do you want to become?

    87) Have you ever flown?

    88) Are you rich, middle class or poor?

    89) Do you curse a lot?

    90) Say your opinion on the following words : woollen collar sweater, learning, pokemon!

    91) What was your favorite vacation?

    92) Why?

    93) Which advertising do you like best?

    94) Which advertising do you dislike?

    95) What are your pet names ? (you have to write them all down!)

    96) Do you have a piercing?

    97) Where would you like to have a piercing

    98 ) Do you watch out for brand-name clothes with people?

    99) How many belts do you own?

    100) Would it annoy you if we asked you another 400 questions?

    101) Describe yourself!

    102) What do you say most often?

    103) How do you want to earn your money?

    104) What is your life motto?

    105) What is special about your school?

    106) What is your favorite subject?

    107) Do you drink alcohol?

    108) Who is your favorite cartoon character?

    109) Do you want to study?

    110) If so, what?

    111) Do you mind if we ask more questions?

    112) What recreational course will you take at the retirement home?

    113) Are you religious?

    114) How long is your hair in cm?

    115) Do you play an instrument?

    116) If so, which one?

    117) What do you think of this questionnaire so far?

    118) Do you think this questionnaire is superfluous?

    119) Why do you think we do this questionnaire?

    120) Do you have a pen friend?

    121) Have you ever seen a UFO?

    122) If so, where?

    123) What are your hobbies?

    124) How much time a week do you spend on your hobbies?

    125) Are there things you hate deeply ? Which ones?

    126) Which band do you hate the most?

    127) Which band do you like the most?

    128 ) What are your stupidest habits?

    129) What do you think about Bro'Sis?

    130) What is your favorite internet search engine?

    131) Turn your head 60 degrees to the right and 30 degrees down! What do you see ?

    132) When you sit on a swivel chair, turn in a circle for 5 minutes ! How do you feel afterwards ?

    133) How long does it take you to assemble a folding chair?

    134) Do you bite your pens?

    135) Does it calm you down when you chew on anything?

    136) How do you act when you are nervous?

    137) Do you imagine Britney Spears or Enrique Iglesias naked at night?

    138) Do you think you look beautiful?

    139) Open your closet! What do you see?

    140) Do you like to play pranks on other people?

    141) What would you do if you were Queen of Germany?

    142) Which phone number do you dial the most?

    143) Which phone number have you always wanted to dial?

    144) Which type of ice cream do you like best?

    145) What do you think of your teachers?

    146) How long was your longest vacation?

    147) Where did this vacation go?

    149) Who would you like to go on vacation with?

    149) What was the biggest surprise in your life for you?

    150) Would it annoy you if we asked you another 350 questions?

    151) How many rings / bracelets do you wear?

    152) Do you own Levi's jeans?

    153) How much money do you spend on clothes a month?

    155) What's your name backwards?

    156) How many LIVING relatives do you have?

    157) How many parents do you have?

    158) What is 32877 + 6487458-445757 =?

    159) How old are your parents?

    160) Why are they so old? why is the banana crooked?

    161) What would you rather be? Rich and unhappy or poor and happy?

    162) Do you often go to concerts?

    163) How many have you been to?

    164) Do you have a lucky charm?

    165) How many pillows do you have in your room?

    166) How long do you sleep on average?

    167) Do you like reading books?

    168) If so, what are your favorite books?

    169) Where do you see yourself in 50 years?

    170) What would you do if you won 1 million euros?

    171) Are you having an argument with someone right now?

    172) If so, with whom?

    173) Are you planning to make up with this person again?

    174) Were you good friends before?

    175) What would you say if Claudia Schiffer or Brad Pitt proposed to you?

    176) Would you answer the same thing to question 175 if you had a friend?

    177) What did you have in the last math work?

    178) Have you ever met a famous person?

    179) Do you wear hats?

    180) If so, how many hours a week do you wear them?

    181) How many hats do you own?

    182) What do you think how tall is Sebastian Sturm?

    183) Do you have a short term memory?

    184) If not, tell us WITHOUT looking! What is the 63rd question called?

    185) What's your favorite food?

    186) What do you think of people who sacrifice themselves for you?

    187) How many pairs of shoes does your family own?

    18 What's your favorite quote?

    189) Who is this quote from?

    190) Are you thinking about death yet?

    191) Are you afraid of dying?

    192) What's your standard saying?

    193) Do you find yourself intelligent?

    194) Who is your favorite comedian?

    195) What are your favorite shoes?

    196) What brand of toothpaste do you use?

    197) What is your current favorite song?

    198) Flowers or angels, which do you prefer?

    199) What is your place of birth? Date? Time?

    200) What school did you go to?

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