(late)Introduction: Volveremos

  • Hello guys, ;>

    I know I was late with writing my thread here, but recently I had little health problems and my time for integration with u/performance of my duties was very limited.

    But not lengthening... I think after such a long time I should finally introduce myself.

    I am GF-Team member since October 2018 (Aion since March 2020). My internal nickname is Volveremos, but you can call me just Volv. ;) As it says on my profile, I am from Poland, but work in the English section.

    Generally I am a law student and also do office work. My hobbies are mainly MMO games, human rights, dietetics and recently oriental cuisine. I also try to return to jogging and physical activity, which are advisables in my case (no, I am not fat ;D... :cookieshugo:). I play Aion since 2016, so I know I am a young player compared to many others. I found the game by accident, one day browsing the offer of the old Gameforge launcher. I fell in love with Aion mainly because of the graphics and mass PvP system on siege - I am more of a PvP type than a PvE player. Answering the climactic question which side of the conflict am I on - I play both Elyos and Asmos, but identify more with the "dark side".

    I really enjoy talking and knowing new people, so if you want to talk to me about Aion or anything else, feel free to mention me on the general Discord channel or send me a private message. :)

    I hope that I have introduced myself a bit to you.

    Best regards and hugs,



  • but you can call me just Volv. ;)

    How is it with "Volvi" ? :ninja:

    Because of the Cuteness ... :ugly:

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    Wenn du mal wieder nicht weißt was du tun sollst, mach es wie Sparxy... :tee:

    Verfasser des "Eruu - Unser" bete auch du hier.... oder, für die Version 6.0 da... :batshugo: