Update 7.7 preview!

  • New features, items, rewards and action galore


    Raw Action: Tempus Fugit

    This PvPvE battlefield in Silentera Canyon is just the thing AION vets (level 80+) in particular have been waiting for. In Tempus Fugit both factions start at different ends, battling their way forward to the centre, where a particularly strong and nasty boss is waiting for them!

    The main goal is to eliminate a certain number of mobs in each region of the battlefield. Players can earn brand-new ultimate PvP gear in reward – after collecting 300 souls, the chance increases to 100% (assuming the Eternal Flame brazier has been found).

    Beshmundir Storm Temple

    This PvE dungeon has been rejigged and can now be played in easy and normal difficulties. You likewise need to be level 80+ to enter Beshmundir Storm Temple, joined by up to five of your friends. Scoop up new ultimate PvE gear in reward for besting the temple.

    Ultimate Gear

    Collect brand-new ultimate gear (e.g. Lapis or Zeros gear) which can either be magically crafted or collected from a field prize giver. PvE players will get their kicks from the Ciclonica set, while PvP fans should put on some gloves when handling the Spiked set!

    New Equipment: Glyphs

    The new glyphs are similar to runes and Odians but they have their own slots. Your hero can carry a selection 12 different glyphs which principally affect resistance stats. Glyphs can be earned by completing Lugbug missions or collected from a field prize giver.

    Lumiel’s Transmorph

    Are you a brave warrior and hoarder of all that glitters? Are you carrying around tons of useless items? Then infuse your items with the power of the Aether and craft new ones you really need.

    Item Collection

    Add items to your collection to earn rewards. There are three classes in the item collection: Normal, Large and Valuable. You get bigger rewards, the more collections you amass in each class.

    The wait is almost over, so keep your eyes peeled for our release announcement!
    The AION Team