Returning templar

  • Hello guys, I returned to aion after a couple of years. I would appreciate some help regarding the gear I should farm for, stigma built and maybe some tips about new patch. Thank you.:)

  • Start by:

    1. farmin titan coin gear

    2. do easy instances like makarna, prometun’s workshop, Essoterrace

    Stigma build can be:

    Ancient: Empyrean Providence

    Greater: Prayer of Resilience, Prayer of Victory

    Normal: Punishment, Elimination Strike, Divine Fury/Inquisitor’s Blow

    With this stigma build you will have support skills and Bloodsucking Punishment as Vision stigma.

    You might as well join a legion so that players can help you while ingame.

  • Do weekly Q in Red Katalam and Lakrum, item can be stored in WH so you can even gather gear on few chars ofc it take plenty of time

    some area does drop tita coins other cubes for stats, Tower of challenge give HP cubes

    There special mobs they drop manastones + tita bundle

    Pharma Towers which appear very often 24/7 may drop legendary, ancient manastones so you dont need spent any kinah by buying manastone

    Still best is simply join legion