28.10.2020 on Korea

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    Insult/censure to Gameforge


    Something that I see more and more often is that there are more active mods than players on these boards and even more active than ever. Unfortunately, I have no idea what you wrote there but I can guess since it's some reply after my post, as I realize it might look different from some perspective. Just to make sure, I only pointed out some differences between them from my experience in the past but in the present NC is driving the game into the ground, since quite a few years, and the publishers are not making it any better to make it a pleasant experience, just the opposite. Reason why the current state of the game doesn't keep me in the game. They had a big opportunity with this thing that is happening this year and keeping more people at home but they missed the opportunity.

    I mean, if they do get it, it shouldnt take 6 months for a release, just throw in the translation thats already there, add/remove a few lines and pop it online. Its quite possible ncsoft gave the go-ahead already and theyre making the patched english version already. In which case we can expect it in a month or two

    NC doesn't give a green light and publishers pull out code from their real and build up servers. Usually NC give the final product to publisher after quite some time after they went online on their region. They are quite slow. I'm sure even NC's classic wasn't built that fast because it's not exactly the same game client, probably servers too since capacity was increased, even if for many it looks the same as the old game. One single change can change so many things internally that you might have unexpected behaviour, so it has to be thoroughly tested once again, by both the devs and the publishers. You can't just slap existing translation as some things might be broken. When GF took over they didn't translate the old game, only the new patches, which you could sometimes see in different stigmas descriptions and so on. I don't think GF owns the rights over the old translations and voices prior to 3.0 and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a chance they have to start from scratch with the new classic game. Anyway, Innova has to translate and test in only one language and they still only like a month or two ahead on average. NA has to translate into only one language as well and they are not faster than GF. Anyone who worked in a big company knows what is a bureaucratic mess and how bloated everything is. You can't take decisions on your own and everything has to be verified and tested and approved and so on. These things take time and for NC games half a year or more is usually the time frame between KR and the west.

    Two months is just not enough for these things, even if the decision to have a classic server is already made. I'd say that half a year is quite an optimistic time frame for them and it will take a lot more. Probably I shouldn't give this example but when NC opened L2 classic in spring 2014, it took one and a half year to come in Europe, basically at the end of 2015. For NA it took more than that, as they opened L2 classic in 2018. Just slapping old translations didn't work. So Aion classic is basically the same, a new game, and I have yet to see new KR games coming out in just half a year in the west.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • implification as an attempt to seduce a younger audience as an opposite to the veterans who appreciate the complexities of the game.

    I dont like naming like this one and also vice versa. If parents agreed and gave a permission to their child can start play Aion - why no? Speaking like this is not the Forum Community case.

    Apart from that you have no proove for this "facts", if you are right, the classic server will be even sooner dead than I thought.

    Nope. If everything in Classic Aion will become like people loved - will be very big success.

    New players, which never heard from AION before, will not play classic server in first sight, they will download the official client and land at the current patch version.

    No. They will get one more point, to try Aion.


    If Classic will be like only "pay to play" (read: subscription) and shop will not become like NPC for really basic items - will be very nice. I remember, that Aion (EDIT: had) a subscription, when in EU U had NCWest account ( i readed history)

  • have you got the number of player actually on classic server or not?

    Like right now? technically. Sadly NC didn't like that we were posting exact numbers and now shows the values in %s just like GF.

    I think elyon was released or something so it might impact the numbers.

  • all i can see it there are Creation limits on three of four servers...;)

    seems to continue to do very well :thumbup:

    like it used to be when Aion started here in EU 8o

    :gamer: worst afk Assa EU:tea:

  • Anyway a pleb like me can get access to these numbers myself?

  • Those numbers are in one of the first packets sent from the server. As long as you know how to capture and decrypt packets then yes, anyone can.

  • Not seeing/getting any information is driving me nuts.

    why would u be driven nuts....still hype is ''active'' still people fighting covid so nothing better to do=logging old aion...calm down...let the time pass and time will tell.

    Sometimes the pieces are broken and you have to
    piece them back together,to make greatest content possible.