28.10.2020 on Korea

  • Something interesting will be announced on 28.10.2020 on Korea...what do you think about this?

    "Daeva memories will come true...the days we hoped to return"....classic server?20201020222018-C7LtyUsvdraNXfkm4tcZ0-v4

  • Scrolls will be added, Transforms will be removed

    Can't wait for it to start here in the EU:applaus:

    I think NCSoft asked Gameforge:cookie:

    beforehand if they would participate in a classic server.:good:

    (and not the other way around:ugly:)

  • I found a quote on YT:/

    in this vid (@1,32min):



    클래식 서버 기대해봅니다 다시 한번 추억을 떠 올리며 .... 벌써 설레네 ㅋㅋ

    translated : I'm looking forward to the classic server. I remember memories again ... I'm excited, haha.

    They said the same thing in 6.0,no?

    i'm not sure ....

    because I don't have an eidetic memory?(

  • Ah, gf's (kinda-ish) announcement about classic server makes more sense now.

    Less new content, more recycled old stuff and preying on nostalgia.


  • Maybe they want to put everything in to Aion 2 so they can release it faster so maybe they are going to say there will be no new content for Aion as such.

    it could even be the release date of Aion 2

    It could be they themselves are going to run a classic server, as @twardy said above.

    maybe they going to bring back crafting as it was :)

    maybe its the release date of 8.0

  • My opinion well at least less garbage from the last 4-5 updates

    and the game would still be a hit.

  • Ah, gf's (kinda-ish) announcement about classic server makes more sense now.

    Less new content, more recycled old stuff and preying on nostalgia.


    Nostalgia is all Aion players have.

    The retail game cannot be saved, unless they remove like 50% of the systems they have now and piss off the whales who spent hundreds/thousands.

  • But you cant expect a real classic server without p2w when their whole monetization system is based on running casino like loot boxes.

    well with Pay2win it wouldn't be classic anymore ...

  • well without P2W it wouldn´t be worth anymore....

    That cannot be the desire for a classic server if it is again about milking the players even more, then GF can save itself the thought of setting up one.

    Normal business can still be limited to gold packages, mounts or skins and still earn enough from them.

    but how should a casher understand that ...:/

  • Yes an Aion classic server is looking likely because it is a no-brainers option to make money, even if it's just selling golds packs GF will for sure find other ways to monetize it.

    I am assuming Classic server players will need to start from scratch with a new character so they won't close the current servers unless they transfer existing characters in some form to play it to keep the big paid players happy.

    Of course the current servers could loose populations to a Classic so it will be interesting how GF handle it; there must be a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes to prepare for it.

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  • In 3.x times we had 15 (20?) servers with 2k online each. With so many people you could make money from gold packs, mounts and skins. Now, I doubt we have 2k online on 4 servers.

    Im quite sure Koreans seen the WoW classic release and peed their pants, thinking about all the money they are going to earn xD That may even be true because they have a more wallet friendly monetization system (by that I mean a true p2w system not casino like we have).

  • If NCSoft know a Classic server is what is needed, GF need to put into more effort for a well translated English version as there will be some changed for sure.

    The current live client is hardly understandable so much more effort to correct it must be done in EAS before general release.

    If GF are not able to improve the English Client then NCSoft should find a UK publisher to show the EU how it's done.

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  • Overall u can see now this whole aion is a zombie game.

    Killed, revived , and most likely will be killed again.

    Nostalgia is all Aion players have.

    Wise words...

    So what? So is everyone else...