Halloween Raids

  • Fight the monsters and get exclusive Halloween transformations

    Running: 21/10 to 4/11

    Llanero was beaten by the Daevas and has lost his job. Now he’s out for revenge and has summoned Phantonicht from the Hererim Mine. In order to be able to establish a pact between them, Phantonicht demands that he punish four Halloween monsters. When Halloween night comes and an ominous moon shines down on Atreia, Llanero gets an idea about how to make the Daevas fight the monsters for him…

    Rewards: [Event] Complete Book of Clues, [Event] [Motion Card] Eternal Silence, [Event] Glittering Kinah Box, [Rune] Special Halloween Transformation Contract (66 types) and lots more.

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    The Monster Raid

    How it works:

    • Join the raid via the Abandoned Secret Passage (Elyos) or the Creepy Secret Passage (Asmodians) in Inggison or Gelkmaros.
    • The raid opens each day between 1 PM and 7 PM for Elyos and 2 PM and 8 PM for Asmodians.
    • Defeat the Pumpkin Monster and get a special buff.
    • Talk to Llanero to make the raid monster appear.

    The four Halloween monsters

    You can vote with your fellow players to make one of the four raid monsters appear:

    • Vampirina, a female vampire who can’t stand the sight of blood.
    • Frankenshock, an unsightly guy with a good heart.
    • Jack Nox, who carries his pumpkin with pride.
    • Frightchamun, a cursed being with a body battered by the passage of the years.

    To take part in the voting you’ll need an [Event] Halloween Ballot Paper, which you can get by playing daily Lugbug missions. The ballot paper is handed to Llanero in the Unearthly Secret Location.

    You can get the following rewards:

    • The items [Event] Clue and [Event] Bundle of Consumables drop for all players in the group.
    • As part of the giveaway you can get the items [Event] Complete Book of Clues, [Event] [Motion Card] Eternal Silence, [Event] Glittering Kinah Box and [Rune] Special Halloween Transformation Contract (66 types).
    • On 24th and 31st October each monsters drops their own individual Transformation Contract.

    Tip: You can try to kill the pumpkin spirit to make the opposing faction’s life difficult. This creates a debuff area – try it out!

    The Llanero Raid

    Take part in the competitive raid and decide the battle against Llanero for your faction:

    • Join the raid via the Abandoned Secret Passage (Elyos) or the Creepy Secret Passage (Asmodians) in Inggison or Gelkmaros.
    • The raid starts daily at 9 PM.
    • Beat Llanero while simultaneously fighting the opposing faction in the heart of the Unearthly Secret Location.
    • Phantonicht appears three minutes after you defeat Llanero.

    Hunting Vampirina and Jack Nox

    Travel to Inggison and Gelkmaros. Vampirina, Jack Nox and Frightchamun cause trouble here every hour. Take them on and grab the [Event] Bundle of Clues and a chance to get the [Event] Book of Clues.


    Collecting clues will get you additional rewards: [Event] Clue can be obtained by completing daily and weekly quests prepared for you by the NPC Little Ghost as well as the raid monsters in secret passages and in the Silentera Canyon.

    You can find an overview of all the rewards you can get from the items [Event] Book of Clues and [Event] Complete Book of Clues in our Reward List.

    Hint: The event items [Event] Clue, [Event] Book of Clues, [Event] Complete Book of Clues and [Event] Bundle of Clues will be removed from the game at the end of the event.