Templar needs help

  • Hi guys,

    I returned back to aion after a couple of years and many thinks seem a bit different. I would like to ask for help regarding manastone socketing and stigma built for templar.

  • Hi,

    welcome back.

    I can only talk about a tanking Templar. Manastones would be a full "Physical Defence" or a "Physical Defence and HP Mix" Set. As for Armour you have to farm yourself the "Merciless Intruders Gear" (you´ll get it in Prometun Normal [with a low %] and from Stella Normal [from a Chest at the Endboss]).

    As for Stigma, I use this built Stigma. Its only without enchanted Stigma, if you manage to get enchanted Stigma you have to use another built.

  • Thank you for your reply. I guess the above built is pve tank wise. For PvP and more attacking? Physical attack manastones? Also what about PvP stigma built? For PvP I had elite archon 65 lvl set with crit and att stones. And a strife set as mresist set. Obviously they need to be changed.