Help for create content, is there any support with content creators?

  • Hi Galeas , Im doing right now a video about Tiamat Lore, It would be very nice and helpfull if you could give me some transformation potions on EAS server for Tiamat transformation.

    I dont need a lot, with about 5-10 pots I could film some video of tiamat walking and running for fill the background of the movie

    This little thing doesn't cost anything and help a lot to content creators

    I just created new char with default body proportions , my account in EAS server is "killer415tv" , asmo side new char called "Tlamat" , tiamat but with a L instead of the i of tiamat

    As i say , i only need 5 or 10 ultimate tiamat transform for record some scenes for the video


  • HI Killer,

    I don't have such power. In general we don't provide items on the EAS except if there is a partnership of some sort.Please poke my colleague in charge to check if anything is possible.

    Please contact him at: