Improvement of EPIC LOOT

  • In April we got EPIC LOOT. While the system itself is pretty good, the name does not satisfy the content.

    Then we had some hope to get adjustments with 7.5.

    And we got:

    Fragment Name Instance Amount
    Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone Fragment Beninerk's Mansion (easy) 2
    Beninerk's Mansion (normal) 4
    Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone Fragment Stella Development Laboratory (easy) 2
    Stella Development Laboratory (normal) 4
    Stigma Enchantment Stones Fragment Ara Infernalia (easy) 4
    Ancient Transformation Contract Fragment Esoterrace 1
    Makarna of Bitterness (difficult) 1
    Minionite S Bundle Fragment Hidden Minionite Warehouse 8

    Unfortunately that was not what most of us expected:

    - one ancient contract per three weeks

    - still legendary stones

    - one stone per week with to much effort

    - stigma enchantment stones for most of the players not available yet (ara em too hard compared with makarna)

    But good changes:
    + one minionte S bundle per week

    + more ancient contract fragments

    With a little bit of research I found out, that there are existing legendary contract fragments (LINK) and daeva skill fragments (LINK) since April (they have running item IDs).

    Nobody knows why we didn't get them. Even Galeas has no answer.

    So my suggestions are the following:

    • way more legendary stone fragments per run
      • or: ultimate stone framents instead of legendary
    • adding daeva skill fragments
    • adding legendary contract fragments (12 per week, so one legendary contract every two weeks)
    • more ancient contract fragments (24 fragments per week)
    • stigma fragments back to makarna or an easier instance

    Please use a great system and make the rewards what it should be: EPIC.

  • really like the idea behind epic loot, but reward numbers makes it obsolete and not worth any attention. I just don't bother even looking or grinding for it, cuz it's too insignificant. Everything should be something like tripled to be even worth considering.

    I am in for any change to make it worthwhile. Give us huuuge amounts of achievable items (like ancient transforms, stigma enchants) and smaller amounts of hard items (legendary transform, daevanion essences, noble odians) Maybe finally give a way to get impossible tier items - imagine if you could get ulti transform fragments for doing hardest things in game (prigga, getting highest ranks from siege/arenas etc). Just start somewhere, it's like more than 2 years passed and we still can't work with guarantee for ulti transform

    Player base - we want less RNG and more rewarding gameplay

    Developers - we value your feedback and want to provide you with sense of pride and accomplishment by bringing .... RNG