How to get Kinah

  • Hello everybody :D

    i'm struggling with kinah and i would like to know what are the things that i should focus on or what is the market in broker is demanding so i can focus and kinah out of that demand. is there like a website or something that tells me what are the things that is high in demand? i only take like 2+ hours of farming plants and get a sum of millions but not in huge bulk. help guys please.

  • events is an easy way to get kinah by selling rewards at broker. Check steel rake event and what you can get from it.

  • you can go to instance PVE, get loot from end boss (and if there any mini-bosses also from them) and sell it in NPC... this works in previous patches but currently the loot from bosses aren't so great so it is completely unprofitable to go in full party ... unless you are not strong enough to go in 3-4 people.... and always remember that nobody loves ninja who took all loot for yourself .... be fair and share loot with other party members ...