• Immediately change rifts in cross server sieges(red katalam) to bigger numbers or unlimited.

    It is srsly annoying that all ppl cant enter sieges cause LIMIT ON RIFTS. It is not fer and doing sieges even more messy.

    And 50min timer for sieges is to low, we cant get all forts they are still balaur. Consider this changes.


  • imho:

    - 1st of all Katalam sieges should be different days than Ingi/Gelk (only Sunday both), swap open days between Katalam - Dumaha

    - 2nd, there should be more than 1 cross serwer, max 200 ppl, if one is full you get inside next one (just like channels)

    also off topic: putting Stormwing item in Lakrum daily lugbug Legate kill was such a bad idea,

  • Remove Player Limit and move Katalam Siege to 10PM as mentioned in initial 7.5 patch notes. To compensate the increased player damage, increase gate and deity HP. Would make Katalam Siege more bearable.

  • Katalam in 7.x were originally designed to have limited number of entries for each faction for (a) prevent cases when one faction in severely outnumbered, (b) encourage better planning and coordination to make use of limited amount of participants, (c) limit amount of HP that players can get during siege days.

    I highly doubt that NCsoft will provide custom fix for a problem that doesn't exist (aside from moving sieges to other timeslots/days).

  • Te legate item in dumaha, yes a massive pain, I haven't been really doing it since the start...that should have been avoided.

    As for the rest of it, well people knew months in advance of what as going to come.