Question Cube's

  • Hello i need help cuz im new player, i start play on patch 7.3 and start farm cube for attack etc but now i dont know where i can get it faster ;/ when after an hour of killing monsters 10-15 cubus falls but no one under physical attack worries me a little bit because I only have 140 additional attack and my friend has over 400; / so a little trace of their lack please help where I can take them Asmo

  • Faster->shop

    Slower, but free inggison lvl3 fame and mobs. Still really slow.

    It's awful how they started monetize even old systems. In 6.x patch you could easily get all the bronze silver gold cubelets with low effort, now they removed that and added almost non existent cubelet drop

    Player base - we want less RNG and more rewarding gameplay

    Developers - we value your feedback and want to provide you with sense of pride and accomplishment by bringing .... RNG

  • XDDD soo new player must now: Spend a lot of money or farm like bot xDD ok gg