Maintenance update 7.5: 09.06.2020

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    This Tuesday, June 09th, we will perform our 7.5 update maintenance.

    Webservices and servers will not be reachable starting from 8:00 am CEST.


    • [Promo] Balaurea shop - will start on 10.06. End 29.07
      • NPC deletion: 29.07
      • Items deletion: 29.07
    • [Event] Stormwing's gift - will start on 10.06. End 29.07
      • NPC deletion: 29.07
      • Items deletion: 29.07


    • [Event] "The Windstream" event - More information. stays active until further notice.
    • Epic loot - More information. Active until further notice and adjusted for 7.5.


    • [Boost] Lakrum and Dumaha drops - will be removed.

    Additional information:

    • More information on known issues will be added during the maintenance.
  • The maintenance is over!

    Additional information:

    • The items from the stormwing event gift will be distributed via the shop and not via the survey (as the system isn't working currently). Keep in mind the events only start tomorrow.
    • Patchnotes in DE and FR are being finalized and will be available later (only EN for now).
    • The Dungeon NPCs will be added next week.

    Known issues:

    • You cannot talk to the following NPCs: Inggison: Tobas, Tigors, Edios. Gelkmaros: Magata, Jiante, Rizetta. You can buy all items in Lakrum or in the Goldsandshop. You just can't get the quests.
    • Shugo Vending Machine: Some new items dont have a translation yet.
    • The worldmap is wrong. The wrong Abyss map is shown.
      For the siege you will be teleported to the right map.
    • Patch notes:

      Currently says Dumaha opens on Monday Wednesday, Friday (Sunday is currently missing)

      Red Katalam opens on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (Patchnotes says Monday Wednesday, Friday)