To help new players

  • Bring back the cube upgrade system!

    End game maps need only min lvl80 ancient manastones (lvl6o are now redundant except for newb areas)

    Let Lacrum mini bosses drop something useful. (eg ancient with a chance of legendary fragment)

    Bring back the old stone morphing recipes to run alongside the new shugo coin ones.

    Apply group bonus or rewards for carrying a newb in some instances.

    Make it so all who participate and conquer an alter has a chance to get a ultimate stone coupon (not just the largest legions who generally don't recruit newbs)

    It's late but the above is a good starter.:)

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  • 7.5 is around the corner bringing in even more noob-unfriendly content.

    Although it seems it might be easier for starters and returnees to be relevant in old (current) instances at least gear wise.

    The zergs in gelk and inggi... I can already see red blobs :) those alone will deter most casuals from relogging.

  • It's never a waste of time making Aion new player friendly, some things go beyond regular updates. :)

    ~ Say what you like to me but don't insult my Shugo ~