Easter Hero Trials

  • Beat our Easter quests and be royally rewarded!


    Running: 1/4 till 22/4

    Prickly Prigal hides in the shadow of his master, Yu-Meow. This monster works in the shadows and has hatched a devious plan to invade Atreia: Prickly Prigal has hoarded mountains of food and fed it to the Thieving Rabbit Bandits!

    Now an army of Rabbit Bandits is mounting an assault on the open world and all of the instances. The Daevas are the only ones who can put a stop to Prickly Prigal’s monstrous plan now.

    The Easter Hero Trials

    Each week, two different quests become available that each consist of two sub-quests. These can be played at different times:

    • Sub-quest 1: active from Wednesday 9 AM to Saturday 11:59 AM.
    • Sub-quest 2: active from Saturday 12 PM to Wednesday 8:59 AM.

    In order to complete a quest, you have to stop a certain number of Rabbit Bandits from carrying out their awful work. The number of Rabbit Bandits is limited in instances, so you’ll have to play through at least twice to be able to complete the quest.

    You’ll be rewarded once per account after completing each quest. You can find your reward in the AION shop under ‘Manage bonuses’.

    Additional rewards

    If you complete a certain number of hero trials, you can look forward to additional rewards. There are three levels:

    • 20 of 60 quests completed
    • 40 of 60 quests completed
    • 60 of 60 quests completed

    Enjoy hunting down the Thieving Rabbit Bandits!

    The AION Team



  • The system was displaying some quests incorrectly and creating some confusion.

    Starting next week, the display of quests will be fixed and all quests will be started anew.

    For that reason, we will extend the event by a week so that we are sure that everyone can complete all quests. Until then, we will disable the main quests (0/20, 0/40, 0/60) but all the sub quests you complete will give you rewards normally, the progression will be reset next week when the maintenance starts.