Worth it to download Aion again

  • Hi,

    I haven't played Aion in quite a while, last time I logged I think it was called Anuhart.

    IS it still worth it to download the game again or are the servers still pretty dead? It would be nice to know the general idea about the people that are playing for now. I remember that there used to be websites with the activity of the servers etc but I all forgot that stuff...
    Also if I used to be in Anuhart... in which server would I be in right now?

    Thanks in advance.

  • No, tbh unless you have friends to have fun with no matter of p2w and stuff it's not really worth playing.

    And you will most likely be on Sillus aka mix of Spanish, Turkish and Polish servers + some English speakers

  • Hmmm thanks, it is a shame... I really used to like Aion even when you still had to pay to play the game. Guess F2P makes it a bit more greedy... Any other game you can recommend? :p
    I have been out of the games for quite a while.

  • Let's say, it has seen better days XD events and literally everything else is based on luck. Even payable content is based on a rolling system I have never seen... As sleepyhead said as long as you don't have any people to play the game with it's useless

  • Yes it´s worth it.

    Nah just kidding.

    I know the sentence "Aion is gonna die" has been around probably since release, but the game is at a point right now, where it could actually happen any day now.

    The servers are in horrible condition, people keep disconnecting left and right, yet :scensored: GF thinks that doing a server maintenance is not necessary.

    Events are bugged, destroying the ingame economy, destroying the faction balance even more and GF doesn´t even care anymore.

    Some years ago if something like that happened, servers would be taken offline within several minutes to do an emergency maintenance.

    Right now, event quests from former event are bugged, GF does know about this since Wednesday and yet they still didn´t do :scensored: about it, which all leads to the conclusion that even the publisher just doesn´t give a damn anymore about this game.


    - Zapiel

  • if you are solo f2p player dont touch this game - it will grow like a cancer and bring only sadness and frustration

    if you have some friends who can carry you in the game or you have few k euros to spare as solo player - jump in !

  • only thing u need tbh is a good friendly legion so u have acces to altars- helps progress a lot

    2nd thing u need at least have lvl 80 goldpack lvl...-help progress a lot .

    3rd u need attend sieges mandatory for progress.

    4th be active daily at least a bit.

  • just curious , but all the ppl that said "no" here, are you also active in game ? :) or just use forums ?

    I will say no to the topic.

    Not currently worth it.

    And yes I am playing the game. Main reason I consider it is not worth to install the game and play it is:

    - There are many other games that you can do with less grinding, less spending money into necessarities like Goldpacks, Luna, 20% Potions. As a new player thanks to kinah events etc. I doubt they will make over 250M that easily for a long time.

    - The RNG is horrible with everything, you can obtain the armor pieces etc. but making them to +15 is just so unrewarding. Same goes to stigmas, manastones etc. because obtaining correct manastones, stigma enchantment stones, daevonian enchantments etc. are limited unless you start to create 60+ characters to gather them.

    - Community is not being healthy currently and you can see in attitudes of several servers when it comes to sieges. Many factions captures only fortresses while they got level 4 buff only. Otherwise they get wiped on floor. Ofc I would suggest joining dominating side for a new player.

    - There are no pvp activities happening really, some people think there are a lot of pvp happening, but these players are full geared and kiling players who are trying to upgrade their gear. Fun pvp when people die with 2-4 skills and the new players will be in this kinda state for months and month and at worst case year+. So is it worth it to play a game for so long, paying about 100+ euros a year that you get wiped on floor all the time while trying to work on your gear?

    - Many are playing this game due to addiction, I personally am slowly moving away from this game, but since been playing it over 9 years, I keep hoping "Maybe next patch is better, maybe next patch is better" like a moron. But I been installing other games lately that I had way more fun to play than this game.

    - Also you can see how there are very little players on servers, most people login to do sieges and then they disappear after. You see same names over and over again running everywhere that are active. Otherwise people login and fiddle their fingers thinking what to do.

    - There are a lot of other "RNG" collectibles too: Transformation contracts, Cubes etc. that makes things difficult for new people.

    If I am honest; Currently I would not suggest this game even to anyone.

    Those players that were active during events and been playing longer time to have some sort of "ground gear" already to work with can do alot in this game. But try to start from 0 and you will notice of furstrating this game is. I did do that by joining another server and started from 0. Which means you have 0 transformation contracts, 0 cubes, 0 anything.
    You get blinded by the situation how much everything you got boosts you. Then you try to make same stuff with less gear, less contracts, less everything. New players will get frustrated and bored before they even started since it does not feel that rewarding to play this game, mainly thanks to character upgrades are RNG only and not rewarded by efforts.

  • Also Gameforge is not exactly giving us details about future, they are doing everything "secretly" which results into many conspiracy theories. So even us who are active dont know what the future brings us and what is even Gameforge's visual for the future, what do they want from this game and from the players exactly.

    Which should also be concerning to a new player, is it worth it to join Aion EU because whatkinda future will there be?

    I am playing this game still, because I believed it will become better and Ncsoft with future patches and also Gameforge with their pro-long gameplay system would learn about mistakes and make the game better. But currently my hope is fading away.

  • No.

    There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

  • Aion is and always has been about exploiting things hs (in-game mechanics, kill trading, bugging bosses, botting , fort trading, preparing for future patches). You could never just start the game and have fun, you had to watch tutorials, yt, sneaky exploits.

    Sadly, after so long, it's still the same. Kind of unfortunate as it still has the best flow combat (for lack of a better word).

    I've recently returned after short stints, having played seriously only at release until it went f2p.

    There's no more rift mobs that spawn at set times that drop manastones and goodies (that was such a fun feature) not sure why they didn't keep it.

    Even the geared people, most are unslotted, that's kind of sad.

    I just ran out of the xforms pots I gathered during lvling in gelk... And I have no blue transform... I'm slow, chunky and feel like I'm constantly with soul sickness.

    Download, play it for old times sake, then drop it when you get bored. It's likely you won't be competitive even in pve unless you run a class that's currently op.

    Good luck

  • I have no idea why some of you think that "yes" or "no" without any reasons given are appropriate within a forum thread. It's simple posthunting and not helpful in any way.

    Of course the debate itself is a repeated/old one and the answer is rather subjective in the first place. However, the servers' activity is alright in my opinion, certainly we lost players, but due to the last merges it's by no means as bad as on some servers in the past.

    Furthermore the Aion forum isn't a place where you recommend other games - but of course there's other MMORPGs out there. I'm personally ok with Aion, certainly how much you have to do depends on your situation and goals. Still I don't have much hope left for upcoming patches and the amount of players will decrease for now, at least until they introduce some interesting content which won't be the case for quite a while now in my opinion.

    For me Aion's sort of a habit I play more or less depending on my mood, static groups etc. It's not that impossible to find new acquaintances if the old ones quit. Events currently provide a lot of stuff, but lots of good events have passed already which will make a difference after all. In the end it's your decision. It's wise to find your own answer.