Won't be able to get legendary contract

  • I missed enough days such that I'll be short of 1 (2 since I didn't bother to login yesterday since there was no point) fragment before event ends, so no legendary transform for me T_T

    Not only that, I missed 1 day by like 10 minutes, so yeahhh. I really hope there will be more events to get a legendary transform.

    At least I managed to get an ancient transform from the hero trials, which was better than the green transform I had since my account/character is still very new.

  • well it is sad, my condolence ;<

    on the next event you should sit in you desk grab a callendar and do serious planning of AFKing during event, so you won't miss the free violet transformation :)

    Currently this is a second (?) version of AFK event for violet transform, and I also hope there will be more, cuz I think this is only one possibility to gain a random violet transform with a 100% probability

  • there is also legendary transform every 2 months for lugbug weekly

    Player base - we want less RNG and more rewarding gameplay

    Developers - we value your feedback and want to provide you with sense of pride and accomplishment by bringing .... RNG

  • dont be upset ,and dont hurry for legendary xforms,cuse you can hurry for almost nothing ,like me,i've got 2 magic legendarys on painter...from this 2 events...afk...and lugbug...i dont bother anymore with this..majority of people are keep getting magic on psyhic and viceversa...few are those getting the right one...its like its broken...:(