Delicated thread for Lineage2M and maybe a bit of Aion related

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    [Financial News] NH Investment & Securities maintained its BUY rating and target price of W505,000, saying that NCsoft's share price has been adjusted after its new release in the past, but has risen in the past.

    NCsoft's share price dropped 3.1% on the 27th, when the new Lineage 2M was released, and fell 19% from its peak on the 19th. Ahn Jae-min said, "The stock price fell due to the dissatisfaction of post-war expectations and the high billing system, making it difficult for light users to enter the game."

    Ahn advised that it's important to look at the future Google sales rankings and post-weekend rankings. "If Google App Store's sales ranks fast, it is expected to rank first in a day or two," he said. If you stay in the first place, you can expect good results in the medium to long term. ”

    "There is a lot of positive feedback on the quality of graphics, and the popularity of purple services that work with PCs will increase the demand for PCs on weekends."

    NCsoft's stock price rebounded and bounced back in the past when new titles were released. Ahn said, "The stock price has been adjusted before and after the launch of Lineage M in 2017, and we expect a similar share price trend in 2019."…&sm=title_entity_id.basic

    Ofc a bit of Aion news 0.32% market share…d=0&viewMode=list&size=20

    Another news meeting at Pangyo…leId=892058&categoryId=54