Flour of choice

  • You will probably quit once you realize how much time will it take you to be somewhat competitive in pvp anyway,so just pick a class and try the game out.

  • You will probably quit once you realize how much time will it take you to be somewhat competitive in pvp anyway,so just pick a class and try the game out.

    Sins literally start obliterating everyone once they get their right Daevanion skills

  • there is alot of things you need to know in order to start well....

    every class is good pve and pvp some are better but they all have a role in both aspects of the game....

    pure dps in pvp and pve you have






    pure tank in pvp and pve you have




    Support in pvp and pve you have




    watch some videos about the classes but remember... every class is good in some things

    if you dont have an acc or you are starting from 0 i recommend Painter... even if is not the class you are gonna be for along time "incase you just dont like it" is good to pve and pvp you can make good kinah with the char because is OP and is easier to play and learn the mecanics from classes and bosses ofc....

    create you first class and farm kinah and learn the game and in the meantime just create other classes and test what is your cup of tea... is that simple....

    i´m not here saying that painter is the best of all classes but for a starter with no knowlege of the game is the perfect start class...

    i hope this helps you... if you need at help just feel free to ask ;)

  • pls show me the math behind ur conclusion rym. I can't seem to find any1 having 300% more dmg than #1 AT. I'm really curious.

    ez class - ez gameplay

  • So after reading that list I see that AT is not only a tank but almost as good dps as other pure dps classes. Anyway, arguing about what are players looking for or not as classes, is a bit elitist. I never refused an AT or let's say a bard, just because their class perform differently or something like that. And seeing how players never make groups like 4 sorcerers and a cleric/tank, 4 painters and a cleric/tank or 4 assassins and a cleric/tank, I can say that I'm not the only one thinking like that. AT is good as both dps and tank.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Jneboon is iSTAN, an average painter does how much, 120k? So the best AT does half of the average painter's damage. Thats 50% less damage, not 300% :x

    i like to read that as roughly 100% dmg increase from the average painter compared to best AT.

    100% dmg increase = double.

    Also i would like to add that those numbers are not even realistic ones, getting into top is easy if you do all the tricks possible as in getting dmg increase from every class possible, using all the dmg increase buffs of your char etc.

    I am also not even close to maxed pve gear like some of the names you see in that ranking list.

    Now to stay on topic.
    ninjatic the most required classes i've seen LFG looking for is mostly tanks, healers and painters, if we talk about end-game instances. For the normal ones, every class is needed and welcome in common groups. I suggest trying more classes, level them up and see which one you like the most. As a new player you won't know what you like unless you try every possibility ;) Leveling is now easy and you can make a char max level in 2~3 days while learning it's skills and the lore. Good luck

    ez class - ez gameplay

  • Well 6.5 -> 7.0 AT did get damage nerf, it was noticeable but still can do somewhat damage, but with equal gear settings, many other DPS classes does more damage than AT does nowdays.

    For example the skill list on 6.5 vs 7.0 shows that 65% pvp damage was removed when it was nerfed. (I believe that did not only include "PvP damage" according to the ones who got this info, but also pve damage.

    Since when the changes happened that patch day, day before I did with my AT like 4 million more DPS than everyone else. After nerf, I did less DPS than the sorc.

    I remember it so well, because it was a bit "How is this possible" moment.

    In pvp it was very noticeable, many opponents that killed easily, were a lot harder to kill. Especially clerics.

  • I was not stating that AT is #1 dps, and I am really happy with the nerf but I disagree that AT is only a possible tank, because AT is still a very good dps class.
    Also i disagree that painter should be taken in comparison because it's DPS is an abomination greater than AT's from 6.x

    ez class - ez gameplay

  • PvP didn't get much of a nerf, most of the skill changes was adjusting pve damage to match the pvp damage, and there was some improvement. Clerics also got a bit more defensive in the same time.

    Overall, AT can tank anything in PvE for now and can be used as a dps class in party. Probably can't tank quite everything, if it's the only tank at Prigga in PW HM, where a templar can pull and protect, but nobody reached that phase here.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.