What do you want to see in the FUTURE of AION? Leave your feedback!

  • In fact it's pretty inaccurate to say super p2w patch making a lot of money.

    According to NC global website during sub time 1.9 was making highest money (70b won) and after free to play model 4.6 was making highest money after the graph keep decreasing (36b won).Ofc after 4.7 patch that introduced +20 items sale went down to 20b won greed = losing money 8o while super p2w patch like 7.0 making only 13b won.

    It's possible to make great money while make players happy without p2w like we having now.

    You see if they think everyone before greed the game wouldn't this bad but because they using monetize as first priority that's why it leading the game to this state.

    What NC share holders know ? Aion is not making enough money ? Make it more p2w,really at least please study some past earnings 8o

    Check out my drawing here <3

    The highest punishment for not voicing your opinions in forums

    is your life stays the same.

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  • It makes so little now because aion, like all other mmorpg games just lost to moba games, then to battle royale games and also to mobile games (so far only in Asia).


  • Not true according to the lastest Q3 2019 earning

    Lineage 1 earning 51b won

    Lineage 2 earning 23b won

    BnS earning 21b won

    It's just purely greed 8o

  • Since our 7.2 thread has been closed , here is a few but i think important things from there that people mentioned

    1. First of all crafting, since they introduced the morph recipe and i guess due to less "farmer" crafting material's prices went to nearly 10x the price as it was.

    When i've leveled my crafting during 6.x start materials like ancient malle costed 2-5k instead of the 30-45k we have now. All im saying is during my craft leveling its costed total around maybe 700-900 million to max out (i was farming too), but now new or returne players have to spend ~8 times more and i think that should be fixed,by custom events or make more mobs to drop malle 100% or more than 1 piece at once idk.

    2. We need selectable or more sources for daeva skills ,maybe as reward for finishing tower of challenge 15 etc. That 1 weekly is nothing and most of the time not even the skill we need for trying to upgrade 5+ , currently the lOnG TeRm goal of making even just one skill 15 or even 10 seems like a joke without the cash shop item.

    3.Remove ALL the hp source from npcs during siege except from the boss , maybe even remove losing contribution for death, so people would actually pvp not that dps favored pve hunt bs we have currently.

    4.Add more rewards for siege chests so ppl would attend sieges more often, 1-3 lege pvp stone, 10-20 fragment, gold or lege selectable manastones.

    5.Remove the coupon limit from altars, for sure ncsoft not made that change for the players but to keep the lOnGtErm goAls even longer.

    Could write more but that is waaaay too much already,overall just think of a balanced model that makes you money but same time satisfy the customers and doesn't make them feel like they are f.cked over again and again and wasting their time, because even the biggest fan boy/girl will have its limits and leave.

  • And how much does mobile games earns? Coz in Q2 2019 it was noticably more than both lineages, bns and aion together.


  • 5.Remove the coupon limit from altars, for sure ncsoft not made that change for the players but to keep the lOnGtErm goAls even longer.

    The limit is a result of adding enchantment stones into world bosses in Red Katalam. Every league member gets 1 random legendary/ultimate pvp or pve stone. Try to spread this info inside your legions.

  • Mobile making 200b I don't remember well.

    I can see why people buy in mobile easily because they could carry phones to anywhere they want play anytime they want and sometimes myself did not intend bought items or passes in mobile games and didn't know how to refund lol.(I solved this by uninstalled all online games and left only offline games lol)

    And this is reason why BnS2,Aion2,Lineage 2M are more focus than project TL right now <X

  • I still don't know why you guys put so much hope and effort in it?

    There were so many good suggestions by the players and community without any attention by the staff/GF and we all know (even with that thread by Vashiro) nothing will change. Stop giving the people the hope that there will be good changes regarding the future of aion!

    Be realistic and accept that this system will stay as it is. Deal with it or leave.

  • A question for the Gameforge AION Team. You can see this as criticism at the same time and an answer is not required for this one as you'll get the point.


    As a player who's just reached endgame or a player who's been since a long time in end-game. Can you tell me how long it takes to get something you're "planning" on getting?

    Let us say the following:

    A player logs in and says, hey I am aiming to get a couple of daevanion skill chests as I plan to enchant my most relevant skill up to +7 or +8.

    The player goes during this week through all the instances and manages to only get 1 daevanion skill chest. He gets a different skill (not duplicate) because it's too RNG. He also gets one from magical crafting, this time it's a duplicate! His skill is at +3. He's using one random book, it succeeds and then the duplicate and it fails back to 3.

    Now tell me, what is left to do in order to get this skill enchanted to +7 or even near that during this WEEK?

    Wait for a PROMO EVENT for SHOP PROMO UPDATE? If this is the answer, then it's a quite sad one. You also can't tell me that I should join an ongoing instance group and buy the box because you're not even officially supporting that and do not support cases of scamming therefor it's not an orthodox solution to it. You're probably going to tell me to burn my Luna for very small odds to get a shugo to spawn, right?

    In Korea they also do not drop as often as here. However, in their shop and events the Daevanion Skill boxes exist and are quiiiiiiiiite affordable unlike in your model.

    This is just one example. There are many examples that are quite similar to this situation (With getting Ultimate Coupons, Stigma Enchantment Stones etc.). There's simply ZERO or nearly ZERO reliable sources within a week to get important consumables and for example Daevanion Essence is 100% behind paywall which defies any argument of Free To Play.

    The OW Drops can't be a reliable source at all as it's just another RNG element. Don't get me wrong we appreciate that we have the chance to drop important items but it can't be planned to drop them.

    Your restrictive plan for these consumables are simply not working with your current business model. At least not in such a late state of AION. In 6.2 and .5 it was still kind of justifyable and with 7.0 it started to get tedious.. however there are until TODAY people that play since 6.2 or 6.5 to not even have all their daevanion skills unlocked.

    Now you might ask... why are people not streaming actively anymore your game which was a good advertisement tool for you on Youtube and Twitch etc.

    Well tell me, how can you stream the game when you're most likely stuck in progress? Why would a streamer want to stream his frustration? Also a reason why people want to watch streamers is also to watch their journey through progression. Nowadays it takes a LOTTERY win to actually progress further in the game. It is ALL, simply everything hidden behind an RNG wall or a PAY WALL. You can't argue with that. ALL PvP Instances rewards are RNG as the Enchant Bundles are RNG, instance drops are RNG, Stigma Enchantment Stones virtually only exist with luck in OW or you "p2w" or get your weekly luna reward. (I am not mentioning OW boss drops as they are usually only going to 1 Legion unless another Legion gets lucky in spawning a Boss in peace.)

    There's no way of having a healthy progression at all which leads to many people to become frustrated with the ingame situation to already be fully RNG and then on top giving out expensive items in the shop or cheaper with more RNG.

    I am sadly not surprised anymore that nobody wants to stream the game on any platform.. and I am not surprised that even players that spend money quit the game. These players that spend money also want to have a sense of progression within the game. If the game is not making them happy.. then there's no reason for them to spend anything anymore.

    Please stop making HT as a seasonal event. HT was one of the reasons why 5.x didn't fail in EU. Bring HT back and give us at least some static REWARDS within a week. The game is literally with all it's changes, nerfs and weird loot tables in OW (talking about empty quest mobs) literally unbearable. You really have the power to change a few things within the game to make it more bearable again.

    I hope this was some food for thoughts.

  • Vashiro Exactly my thoughts, this game offer you one shot at the lottery every week by doing weekly/daily activities, but in the end your end game goals progression is severely limited and depends only on your luck at that lottery, be it for daevanion skills, stigma enchantment, transformations, katalam insignias and so on.

    Every content is extremely limited and you don't even have that feeling of "working hard to improve your character" because every improvement is just you drawing the winning ticket of the lottery.

    Once you did your weekly/daily activities, you can log out, because no amount of effort will make you closer to your goals or give you another shot at getting something valuable.

    There is no "long term goals", there is only luck.

    One can argue and say that enchanting has always been luck based, but atleast in the past you could always do something to get more enchantment stones if you used yours.

    Now even something as basic as enchantment stones has daily/weekly quotas.

    Transformation contracts have quotas.

    Stigma enchantment stones have quotas.

    Daevanion skills have quotas.

    Daevanion essence have no quotas, they are not even available at all without going through the shop, even tho they are mandatory to enchant above +13.

    The only way to go above those quotas is the shop. I agree that gameforge is a company and they need money blabla, but let's be real for a moment, the game has to offer an alternative that you can acquire through effort, otherwise people quit, noone in their right mind with a normal salary will pay for EVERY single feature.

    I dont want them to give us everything for free or through a super easy way that requires no effort, but give us a clear path to reach our goals, even if that path is long.

    I gave a suggestion about how to implement end game long term goals through pvp

    here : What do you want to see in the FUTURE of AION? Leave your feedback!

    I'm sure we can also figure out something for end game goals for pve players, someone has to be willing to make a realistic suggestion.

    But in the end, it all comes down to whether GF is willing to listen to the good and well thought ideas or if they wanna keep going their way full speed till they crash Aion against a wall.
    Even big spenders wont stay in that game if it is empty. Just keep that in mind gameforge.

    I hate stupid people.

  • 1. Removal of the cash shop

    Which basically means the removal of AION for EU since the subscription model failed. I hope we can stick to more serious suggestions :)

    ~ Sparx ~

    That's quite the statement. NCsoft never stated the model failed, neither did Gameforge when they took it over.

    Regardless. If it bothers you that much that I suggested removing it. Let's say, revamp the shop without RNG/Lootboxes and let people straight-up buy what they want. I could have peace with a cash shop that doesn't annoy me with chance.

  • 7.2 crossed the line, it no longer feels right. If you are not lucky there is no way forward with a higher chance of failure or going backwards. They have taken away our ultimate stones and replaced it with katalam, they are tying to run with new content and maps so fast before they can even walk or put right what they got so they nerf or delete acting like bulls in a china shop breaking more than they fix.

    They even throw in a painter so out of balance that in two days are stronger than other classes who have been playing for years.

    Just waiting for helpful events now; it might not be Gameforges fault but they need to find out who is responsible for doing this and try to put it right.

    ~ Say what you like to me but don't insult my Shugo ~

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  • A question for the Aion Eu Community:

    Will you be happy with +7/8 skills when everyone who can spend more money into the game than you will run around with +15 Skills?

    I'm telling you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

  • At the moment I think the major issue is that there are several game systems with rewards that require too much time to obtain, some of them are even impossible to complete.

    1. Ultimate transformation (if not Legendary transformation!)
    2. Daevanion skills enchanting
    3. +12 stigmas (soon +15)
    4. Lack of manastones
    5. Others

    If Gameforge does not have the power to change game content, I think we need to use the current custom systems to help players progress more. The issue is that even by paying real money you kinda get stuck. You need to invest thousands of € to get something decent, yet you are not even guaranteed to succeed. It is simply unacceptable not to have the opportunity to obtain the necessary items to progress on game content. I dare to say it is counter intuitive to create certain upgrade systems only to make them impossible to use (under the perspective of an investment and money spent on development or licence).

    We could get extremely creative with game implementations and new features, but I would stick to Hero Trials, Game surveys, Free items in the Aion Shop and another possible idea would be to develop a system based on the old Pvp Deathbringer events that would provide rewards for pvp or pve.

    Lastly I personally invite Vashiro as a Gameforge partner to stop over hyping game content and features during his collaborations. This is directed at him, but also to all other content creators. This has led to people having unrealistic expectations about certain patches and possibly to a biased initial feedback from players to Gameforge.

  • Lastly I personally invite Vashiro as a Gameforge partner to stop over hyping game content and features during his collaborations. This is directed at him, but also to all other content creators. This has led to people having unrealistic expectations about certain patches and possibly to a biased initial feedback from players to Gameforge.

    If you lately follow my AION streams you'd know that I am not overhyping anything as of late at all. I wasn't even streaming the 7.2 release. I didn't hype much except for the Katalam return. I even didn't hype 7.5 at all.

    I invite you to get behind your facts before you start stating them. :) Cheers.

  • Nuke Totally agree With your view.

    In every pach we have a certain "hype" teasing by a """"""Gameforge Partner ? ??!""""

    Atl least some ppl expect contain and as always this is a deasaster.

    Why servers arent empty. why are you asking this question mister Vashiro when you're blinded and cant accept or hidding negative and toxic aspect of the game.

    Well there is no answer and I wont comment more this topic is only to make "hope" for players and we know, all guys hère, ~90 or 95% of proposition will be ignore.

    hf in this dead game (Im not affraid to say that its since 9years I play this game and even 5.X was better than this vers.)

  • hf in this dead game (Im not affraid to say that its since 9years I play this game and even 5.X was better than this vers.)

    It's funny all the years i've heard people say "this game is dead" "its dying" bla bla... But it never felt it, atleast for me, until this patch. There can't be more than like 4k people actively playing the game right now and it feels like it won't be long until 4 servers become 2.

    It's funny pre 7.2 I thought "omg only 1k ppl from each faction allowed in Katalam how am I ever going to get entry, its pandora all over again" but i've not struggled to get in a single time. The biggest legion on sillus asmo has 140 people online during siege, of an evening there are only 3-4 runat/dred groups on LFG and after waiting over 10 minutes you get entry only to get the same groups every night or randoms, arenas full of the same people etc etc... So yeah for the first time in 9 years I agree with people, the game feels completely empty though i'm sure even now there will still be some ppl who will defend the state of the Game until they are the last players left^^