What do you want to see in the FUTURE of AION? Leave your feedback!

  • Dear community,

    As the title of this thread says.. What do you want to see in the future of AION?

    We all know that since the late 7.0 - 7.2 .. AION started to divide it's factions within and is lacking with "good" or "engaging" content or sense of balance between what's dropping, what's free and what's behind a paywall.

    Obviously the main reason for these issues is the way the game was designed in Korea. Gameforge is doing a great job with their adjustments, some things might still be lacking.. but that's why this thread exists.

    [Disclaimer] I've asked Galeas wether I am allowed to post this thread into the forums. The AION team hasn't promised nor instructed me to do anything, however they gave me the permission to create this thread which is made by myself after receiving many complaints and suggestions on my Twitch channel. It's solely made to voice our opinions, give constructive criticism and suggestions.

    If you're a member of a different language community.. you're allowed to translate it and post it into your own forum.

    Please keep the thread civil and avoid giving very short replies. Give us something well thought through. Please avoid having a provocative attitude as well. I hope the Mods will monitor this thread frequently.

    Here's a Google Document that will be updated frequently with well thought through ideas by us the community. This document is made so that the AION Team can look at the suggestions in a cleaner format.



    As most of you are aware, AION 7.5 is going to recycle a lot of it's content and bring more "cash shop" items and "RNG" into the game. Those changes were not even welcomed by Korean players... yet they still made it into the final version of 7.5 with some "slight" adjustments. Our current 7.2 version is also lacking in terms of content.

    Currently AION 7.2 and it’s future versions are going into a dark direction for players who care about content, innovation, rewards and replayability possibilities in end-game. What we try to achieve with this list of suggestions is a better quality of life for dedicated players. For both types, the Paying Player and Playing Player are targeted with our ideas while we try to ensure that the monetisation for AION remains in good health as it is the reason why AION is still running under Gameforge after so many ears.

    We’ve all experienced friends of us quitting AION or giving their accounts away permanently in the last few weeks and these also include people who were very dedicated in spending money into AION. We got to admit that Gameforge did their best in trying to please us so far.. however it is not entirely their fault if NCSOFT keeps releasing content that doesn’t fit Gameforge’s approach with P2W and/or their business model in general. Their hands are sometimes tied when it comes to core game changes.. as NCSOFT has the final say over those things.

    With the release of several new mmorpgs in 2019 and more to come in 2020 it will be hard to keep AION interesting and engaging with the coming 7.x patches. That’s why we as a community should take a bit of responsibility and give good criticism to Gameforge and let them know why some of us QUIT.. in order to maybe save a couple more years for AION in Europe.

    You might be saying “Hey, AION does actually quite fine, there’s nothing that AION needs”. That’s also a valid opinion, we’re respecting it as everyone has a different opinion and view over those things. However if you’re someone who’s aware of population numbers and checks these numbers on a frequent basis over myaion.eu or other websites.. You’ll notice that with the release of 7.2 and Red Katalam the player base didn’t increase drastically, after just a couple of days or a week the numbers went back to where they were before 7.2. Obviously the drops issue and kinah nerf was one of the reasons for the decrease. A fair amount of players came back with Gameforge’s 7.2 adjustments to Kinah and the Drops however it still didn’t feel significant. The player base is still not in a state where you’d say that there was HYPED Content released just a month ago.

    That’s why this topic and document exists. We, the players who still care about the longevity of AION in Europe want to voice our concerns.. Especially with 7.5 “around the corner” as the next major version. Many mechanics are being reintroduced that had a bad impact on our community during the 5.x era. To avoid it from happening .. we can at least add some features to our European version instead of waiting for the damage to happen. We don’t ask to change literally everything about 7.5 as we know a lot of things are not in Gameforge’s hands to be decided. However this topic is focusing on the current state of AION.

    Please read the Google Document to know which suggestions have made it into the Document so far. You're allowed to discuss these suggestions as well or give feedback! https://docs.google.com/docume…F77BWEYkXwk-6CSFWuZ8/edit

    Best regards,

    your loyal community. :slove:

  • I don't know how much powers GF have but I've list many suggestions in various threads.If you want Aion great it's not just tiny changes it needs majority Aion can't be great just few skins from old patch and something to do with game mechanics here's some that I listed.

    "My answer is they better reboot and use 4.x before Aethertech class introduced as base and fixing the biggest issue ever that's mount of Aethertech redesign it as brawler class with aetherfists and people wouldn't forsaken this class

    Second bring chanter support mantras back let chanter can support both magic and physical class and even introduce healing boost heal mantra make IM useful again,let people have a choice not forcing everyone using same mantras.

    Third can we just remove charging skills ? it's stupid and dumb af change it into casting skills,everyone will please with it.

    Next auto switching weapons for example when temp using shield skill it auto switch to shield no need for me to switch myself to use shield to use shield skills and switch to 2h sword when you use your normal skills

    Instead nerfing weaving like it happened in 6.0 let people have a choice toggle auto weaving when spamming skills or manually by players who wish to do slightly more dps.

    Old patch was nice because people had a choice to do whatever they want or level whatever map they want.Aion now sucks because it doesn't give players choices it forced everyone to do same thing there're no alternates or choices."

    Addiontion comment

    If you really want people back and crush NA bring back luna craft skins,move kinah bundle to special craft,stop milking old skins,add craft skins that old but very desire able like primal spirit set(3.0 set),Make all white tradeable,Re add quests that giving daevanion skins like when you reached lv 30,50 talk to this NPC and get skins,Re add emote,dye,clothing NPCs back to Sanctum,Reduced price of a transparent scroll to 50k,Bring guestblooms back to housing and updated it,Re add dye petals to gathering,Also all furniture that was craftable before 6.0 back and sell it with guest petals if you can't do all of this I listed then no hope for Aion I wanna see if GF is powerful enough to force NC to do all of this too :/

  • There's nothing that Gameforge can do, 7.5 is a disaster, it's not just because of new P2W & RNG mechanics, but also about content, simply... there's NO CONTENT, sieges almost dead, regular instances has been removed, Gelkmaros/Silentera Canyon/Inggison ? PvP only, lakrum ? no change (except it becomes crosserver) dumaha same, sad thing, when i saw few Korean streams how gelk/lakrum/katalam are dead on live server, just lol

    The only monster is mind of mankind~

  • The issue with your suggestion about classes and mechanics is.. that it's a core game design. The suggestions that we try to gather here have to do with how we can "westernize" the Korean version to make it more playable as the Korean version focuses more and more on their Cash Shop which is rather affordable in Korea compared to Europe but doesn't seem to please the Koreans as well (The forced Cash Shop Item content).

    I agree that they could utilize their Luna and add something worthwhile there as well.

    That's why this topic exists.. to suggest features that add a bit more goodies and supplies alongside your "progression" to make the game more bearable in 7.5..

    Even if the impact is small, at least it had an impact.

  • Then just this :/

    If you really want people back and crush NA bring back luna craft skins,move kinah bundle to special craft,stop milking old skins,add craft skins that old but very desire able like primal spirit set(3.0 set),Make all white tradeable,Re add quests that giving daevanion skins like when you reached lv 30,50 talk to this NPC and get skins,Re add emote,dye,clothing NPCs back to Sanctum,Reduced price of a transparent scroll to 50k,Bring guestblooms back to housing and updated it,Also all furniture that was craftable before 6.0 back and sell it with guest petals if you can't do all of this I listed then no hope for Aion I wanna see if GF is powerful enough to force NC to do all of this too.

    I hope it's simple enough.Before talk about other stuff bring back basic stuff that we lost first don't count 99 when you don't count 1 yet.

  • I see no point in this thread, but its nice community (like always) care lol.

    Dunno but imo Streamer shouldn't ask this kind of question. It should be seomeone from GameForge / Aion Team's Staff.

    That’s why we as a community should take a bit of responsibility and give good criticism to Gameforge and let them know why some of us QUIT..


    So what? So is everyone else...

  • It is the company's responsibility to notice the number of players on their games and observe whether these numbers increase or decrease.

    In case the numbers increase it is the responsibility of the company to understand the numbers increase because their actions are agreeable towards the community which supports the company by utilizing the services provided thereof and providing a stable stream of income from these services through paid transactions.

    In case the numbers decrease it is the responsibility of the company to understand why this scenario happened and what the company can do in the future to prevent and even reverse this loss of numbers, which is a threat to the income of the company and longevity of the provided product as a whole. If the company refuses to do so, the numbers will further decrease and with them their income will become increasingly unstable as well as being lower overall on average.

    A publisher can not do major changes to promote player growth, but they can do many things to promote this growth and make this specific version of the game as friendly as possible towards the players while maintaining profit margins. It is of course true in order to accomplish this sacrifices and risks may be required in the future from the company, by lowering their standards in regards to their profits in favor of first building a larger player base which will in the future naturally generate a greater stream of profit than is generated at this current point in time by the diminished playerbase.

  • Hi,

    The point that GF can improve in my opinion is the communication between the GF team and the players.

    Just see the new elite rewards to understand that they do not listen to us and do not want it.

    It's still a pity never to see the game, polls to really see the overall opinion of the community on all points that you quoted.

    Anyway, I'm glad someone like you is here to try to make things happen.

    Thank you Vashiro.

  • This thread is pointless honestly. In the past they were many similar topics where people share with their ideas, potential changes and much more and it was only waste of our time.

    After more than year there is no solution to daevanion skills, manastones and much much more. GF could did something already in this case.

    For "better" future a lot of things need to be changed:

    - stigma enchantment - easier obtainable

    -manastones/enchantment stones - same as above

    - equipment drop - current drop system is one big joke - 2 item from makarna, 2 item prometun, feather accesories from stella etc. But worst part is Prometun hard and new 12 ppl instance can't do more than 1% of all server population

    - weapon accessibility - I'm talking about pve right now. We can "potencially" get a ulti weapon from new instance, world bosses, stellium or craft, but the reallity is dissapointing. Only bunch of people can get good ulti weapon, when a lot of ppl struggle with their legendary from makarna i.e

    -morph recipes - they need to be changed. Decrease list of ingredients.

    -events - more rewarding friendly f2p rewards. 1st edition of rusty coin was great, next was nerfed - don't follow this way

    and I'm done. This list could be much longer, but it doesn't make sense to type more

  • Galeas is resposible for contact with community/forward feedback etc. but...well...to be honest even if our feedback goes further nothing is changed. Events, Elite rewards, shop updates - it all shows that they don't play their own game or listen our feedback

  • Issue is not the content, there are a lot of things to do on my point of view, altars, rvr, katalam, dred, 1vs1, 3vs3, daily quest, pve instance.

    the main issue it's we are mainly playing for nothing, i want to be able to say, ok, today i will focus my game time farming stone or stigma enchante or deavanion skill. And at the end i will have some of them. Actually, you can play all the day, trying to get a random shugo (exemple) and get nothing.

    Goal is to progress, actually feeling is the opposite. i want to see many people with stigma +12, deavanion up, t2 +15 etc. How do you want to enjoy the game if you cannot afford this and it's the same situation for geared people, how do you want they stay if there is not enough geared people.

    I will just give a simple exemple for my situation. I didn't have a PVE weapon since the 5.8. Why, because there is nothing to farm who will give me it for 100%. I made 5/6 maka by week in 6.0/6.2 and senekta, many WB in 7.0. i spend thousand hours for nothing.

    too many frustration, just change your polotic and this is not NC fault.

  • I don't think it's possible to "save" Aion. You cannot save a building that was built on straws. I'll give my opinion from an outside perspective, fundamentally the game does not work in 2019/2020. Not because the game isn't good, but because of how they monetize the game.

    Back when Gameforge took over, "f2p" was a relatively new thing, there were less MMO options and the f2p model they promised wasn't as bad as it is today. This model they have today does not work in this day and age, period. There are too many fair, free games. Actually f2p and better designed. And Aion also degenerated, with Gameforge pushing the boundaries of pay power gradually. Korea is part of the blame also.

    When you can use events or cash shop towards your advantage to progress insanely faster than a normal player, you're giving the advantage to people who are rich in real life.
    If you live in Ukraine and you're playing Aion VS someone from Norway who can pay 1000$ a month to get max'ed out gear, you have no chance. You can play for months to years before you even get close to getting what they can get Maybe that Ukrainian player can afford a gold pack per month, a subscription fee, but paying thousands is out of the question.

    If most games can run off a one time purchase or a 10/15$ monthly fee plan, and have zero pay power/p2w, why can't Aion? I understand money is great, wow, such profit, but at what cost? Well, you're seeing the repercussions of that today. It took a few years to get here, but here it is.

    There's a lot of key, mandatory things a game needs to have in order to be enjoyable. The topic is too big to fit on this forum. But one of those things is progression, goals, the feeling of being rewarded, that your time was well spent. Aion doesn't have that.

    I have played since 2.5 and what I'm about to say still stands today. The fastest/best way to progress is to create as many alts (max level these days) as possible. Make 3 accounts, full of alts. And wait, wait for an event.
    Maybe you'll play for 6-7 months, and if you're lucky you can get a thing here or there that boosts you, a legendary transformation. But when a worth while event comes that's when you can progress in 2 weeks what you couldn't in months/years. You cannot play this game on a single character as a f2p/ maybe pay for gold pack and that's it user. If you're playing on one character, you're probably never going to catch up to end game players, unless you pay a lot.

    This isn't fun, and it's borderline exploiting events. You'll play for 12 hours a day to do this, and you won't even catch up to someone who has money to throw in cash shop/events.

    I know partly NcSoft is to blame, they've introduced and added too many systems purposefully to be monetized, every patch brought up a new type of grind/enchant that ey, coincidentally you can also get in cash shop or events.

    Aion had a good simplicity that worked very well before. Things made sense, what you logged in to farm made sense. You felt rewarded, there was more PvP, there was better PvE (in 4.*).

    To end this rant, only Korea can save Aion. Gameforge is so limited in what they can do, as you can see every patch it takes them 3-4 months to "fix" it for western people, during which many people usually leave. That's too long to make a game playable.

    Disagree all you want, maybe I am wrong, but a 2.7/3.*/4.* server would be more popular than any server today, if done well, with proper monetization.
    Or wait for Korea to fix Aion, maybe they can have Aion 0 - The Reset and push the button and re-create the game from 0 because that's what it needs.

  • Dear Gameforge , first of all , start increasing the enchantment/drop rates of all kind because you can do this without any effort at all...give normal players a possibility to actually play and enjoy the content... .

    Second , we don't all have to be p2w in order to obtain something in-game , there are players who like to grind , struggle AND BE REWARDED for that grind aswell ... it's not normal in 2019 , patch 7.2 that we most of the time farm things for hours without any kind of satistifying reward.... reintroduce the Hero Trials for PVE and PVP content ... that's a good way to stimulate players to play and actually get something in return .

    Last but not the least , you risk in the next 2 months to have only p2w player base....all with full gear . full stigmas , full everything....having them kill each other because we (normal players) are going to quit... and i think i can speak in the behalf of most of the players out there...thinking the same.

    IT's ok for you to have the Aion Shop microtransactions , i never denied this...BUT think at the same time to the other players who actually don't pay for game changing content . I would have probably paid you via Aion Shop items if you actually did something POSITIVE to this game...decent rewards , decent rates , decent events AND MOST FRUSTRATING BOTS AND HACKERS which you don't even bother banning , NO ANTICHEAT SYSTEM, in life there's the ''GIVE AND TAKE'' quote , but as i can see all you do is TAKE and you GIVE nothing or atleast way too many insignificant content...

    P.S: i feel really bad for all the veteran players who bought 20 gold packs just to get random RNG rewards , pathetic...whoever from Gameforge team who thought about Veteran Rewards Levels either has limited imagination either never played the game and doesn't know the NEEDS OF THE PLAYERS lol ... giving slot stones as rewards when we have 543534534534534 slot stones stacked in werehouse... I think i'm done :) i am feeling that i'm wasting my time at this point , without having fun anymore , pittyfull , this used to be a really nice game with such a big potential ... but you're ruining it all....

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  • 1. Please get us rest of 7.2 update first ( painter nerf and account warehouse storage)

    2. Before implementation of major update please use PTS for players feedback to avoid 7.2 issue

    3. Next elite rewards please give us selectable legendary contract for physical and magical

    4. 7.5 change dumah and lakrum to instance map so please consider working people and extend entry time ( still hoping for same on red katalam map)

    5. Consider cash shop price reduction - 119 ac for legendary Stone its just wrong.

    6. Reduction in legion slots to stop big legions from taking all this will engage players more for tactic and planning in World boss pvp etc.

    7. Windstream event expansion to support new players - it is good but can be better.

    Thank you

  • I'd like to get 7.5, get Bard DPS Stigmas +15, find someone to sleep > Fantastic Variation > Disharmony > find it funny for 5 minutes > leave the game (permanently ?).

    Sorry, I don't take seriously a "hope" topic just like the 30 other ones made in the past on this forum for ... nothing basically.