Aion 7.2 Beninerk's Manor Easy Mode, Cleric POV

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    Mechanics explanation soon.

    Video is muted from 2min to 10min due to copyrighted songs, it's just the clearing the adds part so you won't miss much. Sorry about that


    SVR-07 Weakness Roxxete: 39,399,789, Alucinor: 37,128,707, Zeu: 37,099,703, Jneboon: 31,118,588, Overtaker: 23,743,996, Nevox: 23,236,478, Ginosaji: 18,352,615, Tatsui: 15,442,703, Afrodithe: 11,171,050, Oogieboogie: 8,937,538

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