What's your best memory from Aion?

  • I member' when there was no gear spiral past +15 armor and weapons.

    Oh and back in the day when Enraged Menotios would smash whole alliances with a single hit.

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  • proccing HHOM on first try

    My procced balic crafts

    Only took me 4 tries :( I thought I was pretty lucky

    8o" Of all the things i've lost I miss my mind the most "=O

  • Miss all of this. 😥

    So many memories in one video. Great montage, thank you for sharing this! I miss the old maps, I feel they gave Aion so much backstory. Elysea was lush, full of forests and deserts, while Asmodae was drenched in cold and darkness. Ruins everywhere, remnants of cataclysmic wars fought lifetimes ago.

    Walking Ishalgen back and forth 100 times to help Munin, who just couldn't stop sending me doing errands. I remember slowly questing towards Impetusium, encountering all sorts of NPCs to help, all with their own story to tell. Opening my wings for the first time thinking it's so cool, I'm going to explore a new area, warped into the Abyss, only to end up in space! I plummeted to my death so many times questing in the Abyss before I even found out flight potions are a thing, but that didn't matter. Dying didn't matter, it was just awesome seeing my wings furl around me, as if to protect me when I'm wounded. I remember grinding Sulfur and Siel fortress guards for the measly AP just to get enough AP for the next blue PvP piece, then jumping into a rift to raid Eltnen with my newfound strength. So many great battles fought at Eltnen Observatory, so many times killed by the Artifact guards at Kyola Temple.

    Truly magical times. I can only hope we get some of it back someday.

  • i really hope one day they wake up and realise we all need a fresh start and some fresh air in this game and just reset all of it from the verry begining using their brains ofc and for once doing the right thing. Make it p2p without cash shop or f2p with no progression mats and stuff in shop. After so many years people deserve to take it slow again and just enjoy some nice content and lvling experience again that some of the actual players didn't even have the oportunity to get a taste of.

  • My best memory was from 2013. I was in really noob legion with other noob friends, but we were happy noobs. My (got to be) boyfriend was also in that legion. We met before Dark Poeta run in Belu. He was trolling whole legion, that he's a girl xD. His pick up line to me was: Do you want to see my panties? xD (his sorc was wearing already Kahrun chest). A week later I got to know he's a guy xD. Since that time we were unseparable, going together for sieges, pvp and dreds, later also joining Lionhearts (which was the best legion on Spata tho). It was such a fun. We're still together (over 5 years) and every year going for LH BBQ, although he quit Aion back in 4.7.

  • No gud moments or thoughts in aion like never . Nothing gud happened by playing aion just usual stuff unmentionable except something recently. So for me 6.2 best xd

  • I remember once in reshanta we were pvping with asmos frequently so once i went there alone as a cleric and i started pvping with a temp. Long endless fight and nobody won. Finally both stopped and we communicated thru shops/signs ( cant remember which one it was ) and a bunch of asmos started pouring in and he told them not to attack me.

    So we sat there and had a good chat, but as the sneaky elyos i was i was talking to a sorc friend of mine and pinged him location aswell so he could join. He joined and there was around 8 asmos and me and him. We made a countdown, both popped our jellys and blasted them with our 4k DPs. Templar died instantly from that OP sorc 4k dp and then we wiped the rest of them.

    Needless to say we started a war that day and got jumped every single time we were flying in reshanta after that. Totally worth it ^^

  • One of my best memories is Empyrean Crucible with my dear friend :slove:



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  • I have many good moments, but the best ones have to be siege related.

    This was a greatly unlikely do be defended Miren Siege, my legion had organized the siege tanks and farmed (gathered) by hand each single cannon ball.
    We started the siege with four vehicles. Two tanks fell quickly during the first push, as the elyos force managed to enter up to the boss room. Me and the other tank driver went there supported by the legion's alliance and the asmos, and slowly started to wipe the elyos league, that was attempting to dps the boss down.

    From there on it became a patience game. We stood on the door, the only entrance to the fortress, defending with the faction and trying to budget our cannon shots. By the end of the siege we had farmed up to 11 millions Pvp damage, and probably tanked just as much thanks to our healers.

    I would really love to have this kind of sieges where the underdog faction could work hard to obtain resources to defend, with artefacts, cannons and tanks

    More unrelated tanks pics from other sieges.