AION 7.2 feedback and necessary adjustments.

  • Dear Daevas

    Since the 7.2 update release last week, we have been reading carefully your feedback and would like to say a few words.

    We do agree with you that some features need some adjustments and we are working actively on it right now.

    The first one is the kinah sell situation: the base value of all items has been reduced, rendering the sell value of all items lower than it was before. Kinah has always been a very important topic and we are checking how we can increase the kinah income again.

    The second important topic is the loot in dungeons. You get now fewer enchantment stones and gear when looting bosses than before. This is also something we would like to improve. Until we have a more substantial solution, we will offer free entry scrolls in the shop for the following dungeons: Narakalli, Holy Tower, Prometun’s Workshop and Makarna of Bitterness (1 free scroll,once per account on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for lvl 75+ characters ).

    Last but not least, the Katalam entry times. We will increase the timeframe when Katlam is open every day.

    We are working to make all those changes possible. Some might be there already with the next maintenance, but it might be that others will only be ready later than that. We can’t tell exactly when it will be added to the game right now, but we are working on solutions that we can implement fast on our side.

    Thank you for your feedback, your patience and your dedication to the game.

    The AION Team.

  • We decided to implement the following:

    Items drops adjustments:

    We brought back the 7. 0Item Drops from the Instance Makarna of Bitterness, Stella Development Laboratory (easy), Stella Development Laboratory (normal) & Prometun's Workshop that were changed with the update 7.2


    We added a kinah drop again as follows:

    Instance Drop
    Name Name Amount
    Narakkalli Magnificent Narakkalli Treasure Chest 200.000
    Holy Tower Nergal 750.000
    Hererim Mine Secret Chest of Jealousy 150.000
    Secret Chest of Possession 400.000
    Secret Chest of Desire 1.500.000
    Prometun's Workshop (normal) Prigga 3.000.000
    Prometun's Workshop (hard) Prometun's Workshop Treasure Chest 6.000.000
    Makarna of Bitterness Beritra's Shroud 3.000.000
    Stella Research Laboratory (easy) Weakling Daeva Mob Leader 3.000.000
    Stella Research Laboratory (normal) Daeva Mob Leader 6.000.000
    Beninerk's Manor (easy) Beninerk's Treasure Chest 6.000.000
    Beninerk's Manor (normal) Beninerk's Treasure Chest 12.000.000