Aion 7.5

  • At the very least, I have seen others things that worry me in regards to p2w, infinity gear however is not one of them.

    Such as ?

    Odians / Runes ? I don't think they will be more p2w than infinity gear imo.

    The ratio "stats/investment" is absolutely outscaled inbetween infinity gear and odians / runes, did you see the numbers ? Even with 0.001% success, there will be someone crazy enough to get all his piece of infinity gear at +7/+8 and absolutely smash any other player in PvP.

    I mean, in Korea at least (in EU there will be some Behold and other Sonosmanli "only", hopefully).

    7.0 ? :asmodislike:

    Why am I still playing this actually :^)

    *Oh yeah, addicted.

    Finally, free from this game. Just staying here to watch the boat sink.

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  • It's time to relax with 7.5 gear concerns.

    There is no need to worry about infinity gear

    Actually, it worries me a lot. For anyone familiar with Lineage II, this one things, aside from many other things implemented over time, it's one of the things that show what is wrong with the game and drove regular players away. You see, this system is a copy from their older game. Since there is no Aion development team anymore, it makes sense that other NC teams is handling these updates.


    In that game, the armor parts gain defences and the weapon damage upon enchanting, but it also has a fairly good chance to break very easily at each step and all your work gone. The higher the enchant level you have, the higher is the chance to break the gear. Exactly like this new 7.5 gear. This never stopped players from having highly enchanted gear (+15 or +20) if they were wealthy enough to break many gear parts, but most players stop at much lower enchant levels (+5/+7) . But with years after f2p, gear turned to be less and less obtainable for common players, and actually unobtainable for the majority of them. Then they introduced destruction scrolls, exactly the name of it, that doesn't destroy the weapon or armor when failing enchanting. As you might guess, these only comes from p2w events or shop. Not only that there are players with such high value of enchanting but I read after I quit that the requirement for obtaining one of the best weapon at the time was, aside from many other expensive materials, was to have a +20 helios/amaranthine weapon, which at the time, for me and many others didn't have one unenchanted, so a +20 was out of the question. Do you see the pattern here and what to expect further? And we're talking about many thousands of dollars in destruction scrolls, for one weapon alone.


    Another thing that game introduced years ago was accessory gemstones/jewels. Very rare for common players to have them more than level 1, almost useless, because it had a system of compounding (upgrading/refining) but with a great failure rate. Not only that these gems were improving your stats but also skills, some for your class, some for other classes. Then by adding a number of gems together it was unlocking more powerful skills. That is one of the most p2w system that exist in that game. Sounds familiar so far? Let's look at runes/odians:

    Odians can be equipped into Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, and Belts.

    Runes can be used on Wings, Feathers, Bracelets.

    Runes/Odians can be strenghten by grinding and polished through the Boost/Modify Window.

    If the polishing process fails, there is a chance your Odian/Rune will become Contaminated. Contaminated items can no longer be polished.

    When an item with an Odian is equipped, you can use the normal or Odian enhanced skill.

    You will need multiple Odians to be able to use the Odian Skill. To enhance the skill, you will need to polish the Odian.

    Equip runes to active a unique passive skill, and polish them to strengthen the effect.

    Your transformations can be enhanced based on your Rune combination.

    Only Odians that match your class can be used and attached Odians can be removed.

    You will need multiple Odians to be able to use the Odian Skill. To enhance the skill, you will need to polish the Odian.

    This is another copied system. About money. In that game, a level 6 gem was obtainable with around 2500-5000 usd and there are players running with a set of 6 of these, required to unlock a new skill.

    The future, imo

    I liked that game the most, more than Aion as it was better designed, but I was forced to quit for good since it wen't from my monthly subscription for many years, to players spending so much over years that they could one shot you over 10-20 times your HP and they could solo entire groups, making pvp, sieges and even good pve spots unreachable for common players. There are threads in NA forum, one of them is monthly cost of L2. People say you need 200-300 monthly to go on and people admitting of spending 4000-5000 usd per event. A few admitting of spending over 30k a year. We're talking about characters with easily over 100k usd in items on them. Funny, since years back a couple of thousands could easily make you the best, just like in Aion, then NCSoft figured out they could milk much more. I said many times since the old forum, it's the same path Aion is taking. Every year things are more and more expensive. In the past you could gear up with about 500 euro but now that won't cover the cost of enchantment stones needed for best gear, not to mention gaining Kaisinel, collections, +15 daevanion skills, +15 stigma skill, S rank minions and what more they will add. That's just it. Every year this game is more expensive and the quality of the game is worsening. There are still players that love the game no matter what, addicts, and players willing to spend a lot on pixels, but as a regular player you're playing this game fueled by nostalgia and old memories because Aion doesn't seem to be fun anymore.

    Even if you scratch anything I wrote above, saying do not worry about the 7.5 gear, do you see it as fun zerging Silentera Canyon 24/7 in those narrow corridors? Is this the Aion we all wanted and expected?

    And what Gameforge can possibly do, as they were so keen for many years on never altering the game like CN/RU or even NA does, to be suited more for the players?

    This isn't a post the game being dead, move on, but a serios concern, because the current content and the future one lead me to think that I'm wasting my time with Aion.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Wait until some people will spam the usual "longterm goals" bs.

    We have so many longterm goals behind bad RNG wall that it would take literally years to complete one, like daeva skills ,( gl above 5+ without the shop item that doesnt let u lose level) or lvl 15 stigma and so on and on. Now we are going to have even more and worse "feature"with rng that ppl will able to boost by p2w easily compared to an average player. Damn i miss 4.x when i did not have to spend thousands of euros to be competitive in pvp, bcs better gear did not mean such a big advantage like now.

  • Request from a simple player. Do not bring 7.5 anytime soon, let us enjoy 7.2, we just got it . ty

    Six months soon enough? Korea doesn't have it yet.

    There are some other patch goodies like tradeable fragments or corrective other stuffs we need first, some starting today. :)

  • Well i hoped for Something more Wow looking, u need 3 Patches to complete this Set and it has the booring craft Skin verry disappointing.

    Hope to get my Senekta Skin complete until i Finish the Starlight Set.

    Greetings Archi

  • Well, i won´t say if it´s bad or good for now, but i see a lot of good things here in 7.5 aswell, i really don´t know why you can´t see such things. I think most people see only one thing they don´t like and already instantly stamp it as a bad patch...

    Let´s be honest, 5.0 to 7.0 was bs... pure p2w. But actually the game get´s better at all with 7.2 and 7.5 by getting gear easier, make more stuff tradable and releasing refreshing content(mainly 7.5 but Red Katalam is also some kind of refreshing after the 6.0 - 7.0 mess).

    Sure, there is the new gear with unlimited enchantment and break on fail, but from what i saw the gear is worse than black feather and battle gear at the beginning and really needs really high enchantment to surpass those. Tell me if i am wrong, i just checked one or two gear parts quick and it looked like it´s worse in it´s raw state. At the end of the day it´s also tradable in ah which is good. Anyway, keep in mind that patches also have to give players something who already are maxed for a longer time, so new gear is something you have to expect. I just hoped they never release any new gear requiring to upgrade it with fragments and it seems like they don´t do anything with fragments anymore, i´m so glad about it.

    And then you can get ultimate black feather from genesys crystals? That´s really great actually.

    The new content also looks promising for me... but i readed those "the game will die" lines so often now at every patch, it really get´s obsolete. Not sure what is happening in KR, but here you always see many people playing. If some of your friends don´t play anymore, nobody gives a cake about... usually the core players are always here and surprisingly a lot of other players, maybe regular new ones too. I also had a lot of hate for the game since 6.0, but everytime i login again or try to give it a chance again i´m surprised the game didn´t die yet by far.

    What i don´t like is the time limitation on some new maps, but the new diversity of content might make this hurting not much. And if Gameforge can manipulate entry times for 7.5 content like they do with Red Katalam now, i won´t worry so much about that.

    Edit: Welp, ye... just saw the enchanting details on infinite gear:



    The rates are really low though, even though it surpasses black feather kinda early already.

    Time to hoard your kinah, lol.

    I get why people are upset, but it´s atleast tradable in ah and you don´t know how rare the new enchantment stones for it will be.

    I admit the enchantment effects are really hilarious if it´s only for one part and really questions if NC shares ideas in drunk sessions.

    PERSONALLY i think, it´s fine IF it´s hard to get and really REALLY hard to enchant and people can buy if from ah from people who tried their luck and use that as kinah source by selling this gear. As long as it is not another upgrade/fragments gear, i´m fine.

  • You get a like because of your optimistic forecast.

    As they say in English the proof will be in the pudding (meaning nobody really knows until they have tried it ) and forums are always full of complainers, myself sometimes included with clear justification of course.

    I suspect the unlimited enchant new gear will get some I told you so" laughs when it breaks, it needs to be +7 for starters to be any good at all! thankfully our other gear will be unaffected.

  • +3 for 19,5%

    +10 for 1,5%


    And who will be such brave and enchant from +10 to +20 weapon with 0,4%, starting with try +11? :saint:

    It is nor an RNG guys. It is roulette: risk and get or burn :)

    Patch name: AION: Genesis :)

  • Anyone checked if the ultimate gear u buy with genesis crystals is the ultiamte t2 pvp gear?

    Vashiro could u check maybe post some ss of how much it costs and if its only with genesis crystals?

  • Anyone checked if the ultimate gear u buy with genesis crystals is the ultiamte t2 pvp gear?

    Vashiro could u check maybe post some ss of how much it costs and if its only with genesis crystals?

    "6. Legendary and Ultimate items have been added to the Genesis Crystal Sale Agents."

    There is no old pvp gear anymore and there is no new pvp gear except genesis(which is neither pvp or pve). So it can only be Black Feather legendary and ultimate added to the ancient version of it. Everything else(like the new vision gear) has nothing to do with genesys crystals.

    Even though, we could be all wrong and with items they mean something completely different than gear. So some kind of confirmation would be great.