Battleping, WTFast and similar software

  • Greetings Daeva,

    Due to continuous improvements in our systems and procedures, we’ve made some changes to our rules on Battleping and other such software. In sort, we will no longer be allowing people to use these tools to connect to our servers. While we understand this will be upsetting and frustrating to some players, we have several reasons for this change.

    Security Reasons

    We’ve noticed an increase in account theft from people using such software. While using this software, this also increases problems while dealing with these cases as this tool will adjust your IP and change your location. Meaning we’ll be unable to assist you properly in such situations if this software is used as this security risk has been created by yourself. Remember, this software will force your internet traffic through a third party and while this may be fine for some players, you’re also giving this third party a chance to look at all the information you provide.

    Interference with anti-bot technology

    We’ve received a lot of feedback on the bot situation in game that is helping us analysing the current situation. Due to this, we're able to continuously develop and adjust anti-bot systems.

    However, one of the side effects of this is programs that are hiding your true identity; we were able to track several professional bots that are using such software. By adjusting our systems you may be caught in this list and considered as such. For your own protection, these programs should not be used.

    Generally not supported with the T&C

    While this has always been the situation, we have tolerated such software to date, however with the recent changes and increases we’ve seen, we have been forced to follow this with a lot more strictness than before.

    We understand a lot of people use these tools to lower the ping they’re having in game and this being taken away will upset people. However, we’re also constantly improving our servers to increase performance for this matter and we would like to get to a stage where such programs are not needed anyway.

    While we understand this is a large change for some players, we hope you’ll understand the reasoning for this and support us with this update. There are always downsides to any change, however the upside is the introduction of our new anti-bot technology and we feel that having bots removed from the servers will make this worth it.

    We will not actively search for players that are using this kind of software. It is possible though, that – as described above – players might not be able to login their account or that we’re not able to support you properly in case of an account hack.
    Of course you still have the possibility to contact support in case your account was banned for bot-using. In this case we will check your information, and also unban real players.

    The use of such software is at own risk.

    Additionally we’re already in contact with some providers of such software in order to find possible solutions.