Trick or treat?

  • EN 2. Trick or treat?
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    DE 2. Süßes oder Saures?
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    FR 2. Des Bonbons ou un Sort?
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    ES 2. ¿Truco o trato?
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    IT 2. Dolcetto o Scherzetto?
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    PL 2. Cukierek albo psikus?
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  • Trick

    Como una vez dijo un gran filoso chino ''我唔識講廣東話'' que grandes palabras, me he emocionado ;(

    Un saludo,

    El Pacoranger Moja


  • EN Create a story of your own in 100 characters about a Halloween candy
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    DE Schreibe selbst eine Geschichte mit 100 Zeichen über eine Halloween Süßigkeit.
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    FR Créez une histoire d'environ 100 signes sur un bonbons d'Halloween
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    ES Cuenta una historia inventada de 100 caracteres sobre un caramelo
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    IT Create una storia di 100 parole sui dolcetti di Halloween
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    PL Stwórz własną historię w 100 znakach na temat cukierków Halloweenowych
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  • An der eine verdorbene nebulöse Nacht, die jedes Jahr zu Halloween vorkommt, erwacht eine herzhafte mit Erdbeerschokoladen-Füllung Praline. Die Praline hofft immer und immer wieder, dass sich jemand für sie interessiert - Doch sie musste immer wieder feststellen, dass sie keinerlei Rolle spielt. Mit trändenden Augen schläft sie am Ende des Tages wieder ein und hofft auf das neue Jahr auf ein erfolgreicheres Ereignis.

    So wenn die Praline noch nicht aufgegessen wurde, so lebe sie noch heute weiter.

    (not sure if it has to be english or you may can use mother tongue :S)


  • The Story of Wendy the Candy

    Wendy Shugobot was a little ranger born in Atreia a long time ago. She was very different from others in Ishalgen, she already knew her fate: she would have been a farm-bot! She was farming at night and doing quests at day: she was smart, none has ever caught her.

    Little Wendy loot every lootables around, once she found a pirate hat: “It’s a sign”, she said and soon she started to steal from others. She became rich and strong, hated and bored. “I miss something”, she thought “I don’t have friends”, and she moved back to Ishalgen.

    None was there, to play with her, but the Witch Verdandi:
    “Want you friends? Eat this, candy!”

    The witch made the trick and Wendy became a Halloween candy.

    Someone said you can find her during some events on GF shop. But the price it’s too high to free her. None will ever play with her.

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  • "Just add a sliver of soul, one pinch of salt, a drop of rain." Pouf! Tiny little gummy bears, with tiny fang, ready to steal Daevas' souls. What a treat for a little redhead sorceress to distribute.

  • Der Zuckermann

    Der Zuckermann ist ein feiner Mann,

    der so recht mit jedem kann.

    Er ist echt süß und glänzt auch toll,

    doch hat er auch ein Problem.

    Kinder lieben ihn immer voll,

    fast keines kann ihm dauerhaft widerstehn.

    Der Zuckermann versteckt sich gern,

    er ist immer nah und eigentlich doch so fern.

    Vielen Eltern ist er ein graus,

    denn die Kinder verstehn nicht den Ärger.

    Der Zuckermann zieht den Kindern Zähne raus,

    und Ihre Münder werden immer leerer.

  • "Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat!!" Yelled the young boy when the witch opened the door, as his friends dared him to ring her doorbell he was kind of scared, but decided that this year no one would make fun of him!

    It wasn't his fault that his mam always dressed him up as Halloween Candy! Every year the same thing *sigh* he had been a candy bar, a chocolate truffle, a strawberry dipped in chocolate and several other candy's the past years. This year she had topped everything, this year he was a candy apple, a candy apple for goodness sake! He had been crying the whole time she was dressing him so embarrassed he was that he had tried to hide away on the attic to try to avoid going out but she had found him and made him anyway.

    Now all he could do is look the witch straight in the eyes and hope for the best, at least he had been brave enough to ring. "well young man, isn't that a wonderful costume" the witch said as she quickly pulled the boy inside her house. The other boys ran and ran and ran all the way to the mam of the little boy, crying they told her what had happened. Eyes flooding with unshed tears the mam closed the door, "finally she thought, finally she has taken him back. I'm finally free of his curse".

    The other boys never rang the witches doorbell again, but they could see the haunted face of the little boy behind the curtains. And year after year they kept growing and getting older, but the little boy never aged..... not even one bit.

    I wonder if in years to come there will be someone brave, or stupid, enough to ring the witches doorbell wearing a candy themed costume. So that one day all the little boys she send out carrying curses would return to her...

    So what costume are YOU going to wear this year? And are YOU brave enough to ring her doorbell??

    " A great journey is never about it's destination, it's about the road you take to get there.... "

  • Al pasar de los años en el siglo XXX el genoma humano acaba fusionándose con el de los caramelos naciendo así el Rey de los caramelos. Cada año por halloween todos los humanos normales ofrecían miles de caramelos y dulces al gran Rey caramelo. Habia sido un año difícil y el pequeño Timmy no tenia dinero ese año para comprar caramelos y ofrecérselos al Rey.

    Entonces se le ocurrió una gran idea. Su idea aunque un poco macabra era simple, cazar a un humano caramelizado y ofrecerle al gran Rey. Pero aquí aparecía un gran problema para el pequeño Timmy. El pobre era manco así que una idea fugaz paso por su cabeza, con su fuerte mandíbula le tiro una red para atrapar a un humano caramelizado y a lametazos se comió su extremidades para que no pudiera huir.

    El Rey calabaza al ver tal atrocidad mandó asesinar al pequeño Timmy, este intento huir pero era demasiado tarde los soldados caramelos ya lo habían rodeado y de un rápido corte de uno de los soldados su pequeña cabeza se separo del cuerpo del pequeño Timmy. Y así acaba la pequeña historia de Timmy

    =O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O DEP Timmy

    Como una vez dijo un gran filoso chino ''我唔識講廣東話'' que grandes palabras, me he emocionado ;(

    Un saludo,

    El Pacoranger Moja


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