No npc to exchange shugo waranty

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    1. After the maintenance of 09/10, the shugo that allowed the exchange of Shugo Waranty was removed. In the announcement of the maintenance, however, it was not specified the removal of the npc of the event as it was for the others (eg. Event Free the Shugo), many players like me have therefore thought that the npc were removed together with the items on 16/10 . I request the reintroduction of the NPC because of the confusion in the announcement of maintenance.
  • Removal of the NPC is specified when it takes place on a different date than the event end since for years NPCs were always removed when an event ends. When nothing is announced it means the NPC goes away with the end of the event as it was always the case. If it is not the case then the corresponding date is announced.

    The NPC won't be added again.