The History of Aion - A Documentary

  • I normally do not post here, but today I just finished a long project.

    It is a documentary for the 10 years of Aion, going back to 1.0 days. Looking back the game has changed so much!

    I hope you will enjoy this, it took me a lot of work.

    Edit: Spanish subs are available and Italian subs will be online tomorrow.

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  • Very cool :))

    So many memories!

    Old good Aion.. 10 years.

    How fast time is moving :D!

    Great job, thank you!

  • I started at 2.0 and omg that login music brought such nostalgia I miss Morheim

    Nexus: Zach (Asmodian Cleric) 2012-2014

    Spatalos: Maurine (Elyos Gunner) 2014-2015

    Telemachus --> Deyla: Finland (Asmodian Cleric) 2015-2016

    Grendal --> Antriksha: Cersei (Asmodian Bard) 2017-2018

    Nergal --> Stormwing: Max (Elyos Cleric) 2018-Present

  • The great work put in this video is still ongoing thanks to the Aion Community. Spanish subtitles are now live thanks to KillerTV and Italian subtitles by myself will be online tomorrow. I am also looking for German, French and Polish translators (if possible Aion creators). You can contact me here, on Youtube, or on Discord at Nuke#9411.

    Thank you for the positive feedback on this video!