Painter Guide

  • It's the +15 skill so it should be the case at least when 7.5 will be up in EU.

    Here at 1:16:14 the skill seems still working as it is in 7.2

  • What do you all think about playing with Into the black + Work destruction + Color outbreak ?

    As I don't have +12 stigmas, it is the only set up I found to be able to use Work destruction with 30% of into the black (but only when I get stunned and use Instant petrification) and the aether hold.

  • well i play with new work/iron fist and into black.

    into the black is a must have in pve + pvp.

    also new work helps a lot in pvp since im 90% of the time solo..and iron fist when it hits ground shakes xDD

    u can also go full selfish without into the black but u cripple ur GRP dmg...while u gain the monster vision.

    the other setup i was thinking is Aerial color fist and flash portrait, but aerial has too high of a cd..compared to new fork for me...but with this setup u got colormonster vision which is OP as fk, but u dont have into the black.

  • Hello guys!

    I need some advices regarding DPS in Pve,semms i'm not well player with this class cuze always my dps is not so good :( for example if i join an ally with 24 people,i'll be always in 10th position or 12 th position from 24 people,,,know some of you will tell me why bad,10 or 12 position from 24 people is...good:d....but in my oppinion this class can do more dmg...and when i see first 5 places in ally...3 of them are painters, with double dmg then me...i'm sad :( some advices/rotations will be greatly considered!This question is strictly for Pve content!Can be because of my gear ?which is PvP gear socketed with gold manastones?!I wear full intense red gear socketed with gold manas ,some of gear pieces are +10 and i'm try'ing to make them all atleast +10 all(cuze everydoby know the lack of red and purple PVP enchantstones),my weapon is silent black fused with senekta pve,it is +15 and has also gold manas on it!

    Maybe i'm not using the right rotations...:(


  • This question is strictly for Pve content!

    I wear full intense red gear

    This answers your question in some ways. You wear PvP gear and lose at least around 2000-2900 Atk compared to a well-geared Painter. Whether it's upgraded or not only influences your PvP damage.

    Mainly Aion PvE since 6.x is all about stats. The more you have, the more damage you deal. Stacking painters will only work to a certain amount (2-3) since the "bands" are important for dps, but don't stack. So if your bands all break/ you never get them on your damage will suffer.

    Furthermore you require appropriate deava skills (mainly Band of Fierceness, Sudden Smash & Sustained Colour Immersion), a good transformation, manastones such as Physical Attack/ Crit Strike, appropriate stigmas (the PvP stigmas for Painter are completely different for example)... and yes, some basic knowledge about the class and your skills. Mainly in regard of what deals the most damage. Currently for example if you're Solo Painter your "Band of Fierceness" will be around 65% of your damage. However, the upcoming patch tomorrow will change this according to my information.

    Currently Dumaha Weapons are rather cheap to buy, for the rest instances are required. Furthermore some Noble Splen Accessories if you don't have those.

    My own Painter for example has 17.700 Attack + 2988 PvE Atk + ~5000 Crit (selfbuffed). Some think that more crit is worth it, some doubt it, the next patch will show, but it might be more valuable then for a while.

    Since I don't know your stats you can compare it and maybe get part of the answer why you're not the first one.

    Regarding rotations it's - as stated previously - important to know how much damage your skills deal %-wise and what debuffs you have to increase your damage (Into the Black, Sudden Smash, Sour Colour Chain, Target locked...), what other classes do to increase your damage (especially Gladiator and Chanter) and how you get along with other Painters. You have a few strong instant skills such as Colour Fist, Sustained Colour Immersion or Sudden Smash, your bands, your fillers (Colour Colour Fight> Grenade Chain > Colour Rocket) + eventual skills based on your stigmas. For example without a +12 stigma set you will have no Colour Monster naturally, but maybe Flash Portrait (or not).

    The instance is to be considered as well. For example in Beninerk you'll refrain from smashing too many debuffs on the boss in cosideration of your fellow party members.

    But all in all Painter doesn't have that many skills - and you can always get yourself a dpsmeter and compare your skill usage to others. That helps a lot too.


  • Does anyone know what changed for Work Destruction ? Looks like the damages are reduced in PvP but I'm not 100% sure.

    The band nerf is really huge, especially in PvE...


    GF destroyed this class for reduced damage, now have painter 1/2 dmg - good work 1+ BRAVO GameForge!

    (Any class that GForge reduce the dmg in half, would destroy it.)

    Painter is no longer fun or good playable

    It's time to leave

  • idk man, that was long coming, half of the server rerolled or had a painter alt. Painter's damage was like x2 times bigger than similar geared other dps classes and on top of that painter had diverse set of skills for almost every situation -> resist attacks, reduce damage 50%, fully heal up in seconds, mobility skills, aoes, strongest debuffs in the game

    Player base - we want less RNG and more rewarding gameplay

    Developers - we value your feedback and want to provide you with sense of pride and accomplishment by bringing .... RNG

  • It was pretty obvious that this class will get a nerf, so why acting so surprise?

    Nerf is 5% or 10% max 20% not 50% dmg down + 50% HP recovery down.. 50% .. That's liquidation

    Painter is still one of the stronges classes, simply learn to play with all skills ;)

    I played 4 years as a ranger - I finished ulti T1 +15 gear, etc. I tried the new -painter class, I liked it. I left the ranger (it was a mistake) and started from scratch as a painter. After a few thousand hours of play, I did a T2 ulti +15 full gear. Stigma 10+, Daevanion skill 10+, etc. I know the game well, please don't tell me to learn skills .-) You can tell newbies. Sry.

  • The only things that got nerfed are the beams and work destruction because the damage were insanely stupid, maybe learn how to play instead of expecting to take 70% of your Target's hp in one skill.

    Prepare for more nerfs as the next patch will nerf painters even more:

    Color fist : nerfed

    Color monster : nerfed

    Blow : nerfed

    Sustained color immersion : nerfed

    I hate stupid people.

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  • :scensored:

    first of all, GF did not nerf anything, everything a patch comes with, is by NCSOFT. Second of all playing a braindead class that requires you to put a 30% dmg debuff and then a fkn band that ticks automatically like 3 times a second is a freaking joke. Instead of whining and being bad, get some actual skill and start learning your class better and try to put out the most dps you can, with what your class now offers.

    BTW THIS NERF PATCH WAS OUT ABOUT A FREAKING 6 MONTHS IN KOREA. A little bit of reading beforehand would have maybe helped you to realize that you should prolly reroll to another OP class with this new patch.:D:D:D


    - Zapiel

  • 50%

    Well, all in all it might be around 40-50% of damage reduction. My own damage went down by ~40%, but I only recently upgraded my stigmas, so it's not as accurate.

    In fact I'm not surprised though, the nerf was expected for a while now. However, Painter will be more of an average damage dealer now if you compare the figures. So neither as mighty nor as bad.

    However, the results remain similar. You can still easily solo Makarna and Prometun "in time" and you're still needed in parties due to the damage increasing debuffs. So even if some classes may outdps you now it's still not weak or useless. Just less convenient.


  • [...]

    After a few thousand hours of play


    I know the game well, please don't tell me to learn skills .-) You can tell newbies. Sry.

    I don't think you have a few thousand hours of playtime with painter tbh.

    from 10th of july 2019 (release of 7.0) till today there are 5736 hours and i doubt u played 24/7. I would say at max 2900 hours if u play on average 12h per day, but i still doubt it.

  • I'm sorry GameForge. I know the game creator (publisher) is NCsoft. I do not know if GameForge could infuence drastic intervention in the character of the painter.

    For the painter class I played 1500+ hours + 4 years ranger

    (thousands of hours in game)

    Ranger doesn't have continuous skills, I've played ranger for a long time and it was fun. The painter has continuous skills. Each class uses what it has available, but when the total dmg is reduced by half, it is end. I was in an instance today and the fall in dmg is fatal. Pvp as well a fatal down. A good player immediately interrupts lasers (stun, fear etc.) , but still gets a few hits, now gets a max.1 hit and that's a lot to see for the total dmg. I'm not crying, .-) I just say, 20% dmg reduction would be equalization, 50% is not equalization. Or They could do skill +0 = 50% dmg reduction, skill +15 = 100% dmg .. That would be the motivation to continue the game, this situacion is the motivation to continue - 0 -

    It seems the game creator (publisher) doesn't understand the game or the community. Sry.

    The publisher could say at the beginning: "After some time we will reduce the dmg in half" and I would stay with the ranger and not invest the time in the painter. He didn't know what he was doing when he created a painter? From the publisher it is a wound under the belt and disappointment.

    I met a lot of good players in Aion, nice people and I had a lot of good things - I played for fun. Sadly, a lot of very good players left because the publisher prefers system P2W. (Koxxy, Sywo, Deliah etc.etc). I played on server Spatalos, Deyla, Stormwing. I'm tired from the massive RNG that is present everywhere (The last Chocorunerk event? I received as a final reward box Mighty weapon.) -lol- Unnecessary reward for my efforts. RNG rewards are bad roulette.

    My ranger has a full ulti T1 +15 gear, weapon T2 + 15 ulti. etc. but I will not continue with him. All best equipment has a painter, full ulti T2 + 15 gear, all stigma and daevanion skill 10+, several hundred legends of stone, 100+ ulti of stone, several billion kinah, 1069 day from gold pack, veteran reward etc. etc. I spent a lot of effort and time and enjoyed it a lot. But the painter is now weak for effective play. The only thing left is this: "Hey Ferrari has a very powerful engine .. Ok, we must cut his power in half". Now it's still possible to race, but not win.

    Next "nerf" for this class is the wrong way, but that will no longer concern me.

    Joke? .-): Perhaps the publisher will eventually create a class Astronaut, which will trigger meteor every 0.1 sec 4000 dmg for 21 seconds and many players will start playing it and many will be angry. In time "nerf" reduce 90% dmg down. Player who dedicate thousands of hours of their time to this class will continue - maybe .-)

    The publisher should know what he is doing when starting a new class. If he does not know and then wants make up for it, he should adjust it and not kill it. That is all. Nothing more

    Everyday I enjoyed seeing old players like Hjarta, Aetherium, Yaibaba, Parry, Oustapodo, Wykki, Zamik, loret etc. As well as all good newcomers. I regret nothing, I enjoyed it

    Thank you all for a nice time in aion and I wish you all: Nice days, strong nerves, fun and happiness. Enjoy .-)


    I apologize for the errors in the text. English is not my native language, thank you for your understanding.

    Today is nice day. Sun is shining. I'll go for a walk to the top of the mountain to look over the verge of the horizon. I'm going with tea among the eagles. Beautiful is to be. <3

  • I dunno where you are getting the damage is dropped in half from, if at most, the damage is about 1/4 less if you factor in damage over time.

    For example, a good geared painter did about roughly 40-44 million damage in beninerk mansion on the boss, now this has dropped to about 30-35 mil... Am sorry but if your skills started 'into the black' then laser, then I suggest you look at your rotation, as well as increasing your daeva skills.

  • LOL.

    A leg gear painter with no manastones did the same damage as full ulti +15 ppl. A full +15 ulti painter did almost twice the damage than other classes.

    I can do 13 floors of ToC with my +15 ulti glad with few seconds left. Top painter does 15 floors in 9min.

    This dude xD Painter is destroyed because they nerfed his dmg by 25% xDDDD

  • Sorcerers and Assassins were pretty close to Painter damage in some situations. It's probably not a fair comparison. The fact that you could put a 30% debuff and a band on top, it was lazy and stupid designed and I agree that it was overlooked for too long.

    I partially agree with Yoo, lower to average painter is dead. To achieve the same power you need to invest in your stigmas and daevanion skills. This is the downside of a painter, it's very p2w oriented. All their good skills are hidden behind stigmas and daevanion skills. It's not the only class like that but it's the most visible, because their basic toolkit is severely lacking. If you don't have those stigmas and daevanion skills, you're mediocre at best. What do you do if you have under +9 stigmas? Not only missing good skills, dps included, but you have to deal with the long cooldows on stigmas. Having a painter with 2 minutes cd on their into the black stigma, comparing with someone with 42 seconds cd on it, or their big dps stigmas like colour fist or colour fight or the improved vision monster. It's ridiculous how big the difference is. Assassins are a bit in the same, as good skills are hidden behind daevanion skills, although their stigmas are less relevant and they are more versatile in this way.

    Painter is still strong but you need all those things that we don't have in EU.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.