Why many of the elyos before death write ~noob~

  • why many of the elyos before death write ~noob~ ?

    1.I need to know that I'm killing noob ?

    2.I do not have to kill it because it is noob?

    3.he feels calm before he dies!

    4.something else :)


    Have fun, this is just a game :)

  • hehe xd its just a random message so dont give a fck :)


    Have fun, this is just a game :)

    this is the perfect. if someone write this after he killed you just think "its just a game dont give a fck , its just a ingame death" :)

    RIP Thor , here since 3.12.2014 :3


  • In my oppinion a player that does that is frustrated ( low gear , always dies solo even to bots ), even those who write such things after they kill u , same thing. They need to express their frustation somehow.

    I even have some oposite faction players that are so happy when they kill me ( i don't understand why beacose i am usualy not agresive ) after gathering few friends to do it and poor thing the one that doesn't deal any damage usualy is the one who converts his anger into a revenge " noob " typing.

  • A lot of these people who trash talk think they’re pvp gods so they get mad when you kill them, even though the logic of “I’m the best but you killed me so you’re a noob” makes no sense.

    Skill in Aion doesn’t really matter anymore. With the unbalanced classes and ridiculous gear gap it’s hard to understand how some people can even take Aion pvp seriously enough to still get mad


  • I just do it to certain people because I know it triggers them to no end. Have you ever received hatemail from someone that got so mad he created a character on the same faction as you just to vent? feelsgood.jpeg

    "I'm the wrong kind of people, why'd you listen to me?"

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