For the love of god stop the bots already.....

  • There are bloody bots dying 20 times in a row in temple of perpetual wisdom after enchanting stigmas to +9.....and then they speedhack away.......They have got to go....even more so now...ive seen bots with legendary xforms and bots enchanting stigmas to +9 because they are allowed to farm for SO LONG!!!.... LONG ENOUGH TO GET A LEGENDARY TRANSFORMATION...........Gameforge i hope you are aware that there are sites out there that these people sell their legendary transformation accounts on for about 1000 euros each.....Its a lucrative business to bot atm....and if i can find bots with legendary xforms then that means they have been allowed to farm for way too long. They are breaking the economy with their +9 stigmas.....Which ends up as kinah that they again sell for euros.... ggwp

  • This topic has been answered many many times. please don't open new topcis when plenty were clsoed.

    Yes it is very annoying, yes we are banning many bots, but not all unfortunately.

    I have seen the same bots run for 3 months so it is not true that they ban them daily, but they don't care about this so they will close the thread

    Yes we ban bots daily that's just a fact whether you believe it or not. The fact that you see one running around for a longer period of time doesn't mean we don't ban some every day, it has actually no relation whatsoever (depends if he was reported, if he was identified as a bot etc...). There might be a specific reason for some that you believe to be bots to be there (never reported or not a real bot etc...) still but I can't give an answer on that only support knows.:closed: