Senekta - Ereshkigal Boss Fight

  • I've compiled some info from videos and also player knowledge for a basic guide.

    This includes the important things you need to do in the Ereshkigal fight. It does not contain information on how you get to the boss or what npcs you need to kill for buffs.

    It should be considered a starting point for killing the boss, it's not a complete how to succeed.

    A Guide to Ereshkigal

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  • Guide has been updated with more info, plus some timings of the skill rotations.

    Whoever is kiting tornado's should have a seperate timer to know when the tornad0's spawn and when they should be hiding from 'Capture' (they can ignore Curtain of Reflection)

    Another helpful hint, if someone is an Android Phone User, the app 'Multi Timer StopWatch' by Lemonclip, is perfect for this instance, you can set up timers to inform you what skill is coming up. It also allows you to group the timers, so you can have a set of Stage 2 Timers, Stage 3 timers and Stage 4 timers, you just have to press start and stop on each one, when Raging Scream is cast.

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