Partition- Poll to make hero trials permanent

  • Hero Trails 21

    1. Make permanent (13) 62%
    2. Don't care (8) 38%

    There is a lot of busy times where open world Lactum weekly solo questing and boss killing is not viable.

    I was going to give up Aion but the hero trails changed my mind because it gives other things to do.

    As storm is overpopulated there is constant competition with farmers rushing back and forth and much killing of quest players.

    Please don't make it worse with adding Hero trial rewards for killing the opposing faction in open world but in all other aspects Hero trials are a very good way of offering more to do and stop players getting bored.

    In this respect they should be made a permanent feature in my opinion.

    ~ Say what you like to me but don't insult my Shugo ~

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