• The following rules are in addition and to clarify the Terms and Conditions of AION Free-To-Play (


    Using any kind of external program that is granting an advantage over other players and changes or manipulates data is strictly forbidden.

    (See also T&Cs, 4.3)

    §2 BOT USING

    Any form of automatic generated information created for malicious misuse is forbidden.

    (See also T&Cs, 4.3.)

    §3 BUG USING

    Using a bug for anyone’s profit intentionally or not reporting a bug intentionally is strictly forbidden.

    This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Placing Kisks off the map – Placing Kisks on a position that is not meant to be accessible for players
    • Solo-kill of certain bosses – Exploiting bugs that allow single players to kill bosses that aren’t meant to be killed solo

    To report a bug, please contact us by our support system:


    Any arrangement between players of opposite factions to give an advantage (power leveling for daily quests etc.) is not allowed.

    This also includes AP trade.


    Any kind of insults or harassment is forbidden.

    (See also T&Cs, 5.2 d)


    The sale or purchase of virtual items for real money is strictly forbidden, this also includes accounts and Kinah.

    Also to advertise Kinah, items or complete accounts for real money is forbidden.

    (See also T&Cs, 4.3. c)

    §7 GM FAKE

    It is forbidden to fake a GM or to impersonate a GM.

    An employee of Gameforge will also never ask for your login data.

    Please be aware that any violation of the rules stated above will cause sanctions appropriate to the violation. This may range from a warning to a permanent exclusion from the game.


    In addition, the following points are currently tolerated; however please be aware this may change in the future if these appear to be abused. Should those exceptions be used to substantially affect the game experience of other players, it might also cause sanctions in individual cases (See also T&Cs, 8.2. b).

    Any changes to this list will be officially announced.

    • Multi account
      Exception: It is not allowed to create an account with the purpose of insulting the other faction. In such cases, the main account will also be in danger of being sanctioned
      Also all rules and paragraphs of the T&Cs have to be respected.
    • Power Leveling – Same Faction
    • Jumpshot / Weaving / etc.
    • AFK Dredgion
  • What is Tolerated


    You are more than welcome to use more than one account at a time, however this must obey the rules of the ToS. This means you are not allowed to AP trade using these to accounts or use an alt account to insult a player of the opposite faction.

    DPS Meters

    These are currently tolerated, however any information gained from these tools will not be used as a valid claim in support tickets.

    Jump Shot, Weaving, etc

    These actions are tolerated within the game, however please note that you must perform these tasks without the use of bugs. Bug areas in the map for example.

    What is NOT Tolerated

    This is a short list of some actions that are not tolerated. Please remember if it is not listed here, this does not mean it is tolerated.

    Hack Tools

    Any use of an external third party program with the intention to give yourself an advantage over other players. For example, automating the gaming experience. This will result in a permanent ban placed on your account.

    Sale/Purchase of Kinah

    The sale or purchase of Kinah from any website or player where real life money or items are involved is not allowed and will result in a ban of the account.

    Purchase/Exchange/Sale/Share of accounts

    This is strictly prohibited by our ToS, see paragraph 6. If we discover any trace of sharing accounts, the account will be banned. We will not support players that have been caught sharing this information.

    Personal Attacks

    Personal attacks on /3 or any other chat function will result in punishment.

    Use of bugs to gain an advantage

    Any use of a bug in-game that was not intended by the developers to gain an advantage on other players is also not allowed. If you are caught using such bugs, this will also result in a ban of your account.

    And example of some of these are listed here:

    • Placing a kisk off the map
    • Some bosses (such as Valakan, Anurati or Debilkarim) have bugs that allow them to be killed solo.
    • RvR Timer: It is forbidden to disconnect and then reconnect in a fortress just after the start of the timer to gain quick access to this area.

    Insults or antisocial behaviour

    Insulting players is not allowed in any way and will be breaching the ToS. Please be aware this will also include any racial slur, homophobic, paedophilia and any such behaviour.

  • Battleping and such software

    Technically the use 3rd party tools is regulated in our AGBs. Battleping qualifies as a tool that may not be used, based on the AGB. However, as with editing your client, we currently do NOT ban accounts for using the BattlePing tool. In special circumstances, users with BattlePing may find that their account has been banned. This is not because of BattlePing but because of how this program works and the specific ISP / Proxies. Some of these may be known for bad traffic and may thus be blacklisted by us, and may subsequently lead to a ban.

    If you find yourself banned, please contact support and they will handle your case and will, after confirming your account is not in violation of any AGBs or rules, remove the ban. We are reserving the right to change our policy regarding BattlePing in the future, without prior special notice. This means that you are using BattlePing at your own discretion and risk. However, we currently do not have any specific plans to ban the use of BattlePing in the future.

    As it stands at the moment, the BattlePing program will be listed as use at your own risk.