[6.5 Preview] April 3rd - Maintenance Live Stream!

  • :!:Attention:!:

    Hello dear AION Community,


    I'd like to announce that I'll be your Host for AION 6.5's Preview Stream during the 6.5 maintenance this Wednesday, April 3rd.

    The AION Team has granted me access to their QA (Quality Assurance) server to give you a full Preview of the content we'll recieve with the 6.5 patch. The team will participate in teasing Senekta, the new 18 Man PvE Raid. We'll also try to tease the 3v3 Battleground Illumiel and Pandora PvEvP Raids!

    Quite a few important guests will appear during the stream! Galeas, Jojo, other community managers, QA Testers and forum mods will attend as well!

    Galeas and Jojo will try to have a Q&A session within the Twitch Chat during the stream, depending on how well you behave in my chat! :slove:

    Keep in mind that the stream will be held in English to satisfy the majority of the audience.

    The stream will start at 10:30AM CET and the "show" itself around 11:00 AM CET (Server Time). LINK to the Channel ->

    Thank you, AION Gameforge for having me as your host once again.:slove:

    Don't forget to follow the channel to not miss out on any of the streams!


    Thank you for the privilege dear AION team <3

    Best regards,