Feedback: Raid after Merge

  • Lakrum siege on Stormwing = 4fps.

    Too many players on a single server now on a game that runs such an out dated engine.

    Divine was pretty much like this before the server merge - and now Lakrum too - no idea what Divine will be like if Lakrum is this bad.

    For me - Siege / PVP ranking system is now dead - I don't want to play a game that i'm getting 4fps on.......

    Think you are going to have a hard time now gameforge......


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  • Simple said.

    Unplayable, even worse than before.

    Guess now the ranking will be decided by who can afford/build the best hardware setup.

    Galeas "first" big downside of the merge. Anything can be done to fix the DC issue/fps drops?

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  • Neither of the Servers Odin, Storm or Silius were allowing me to connect for the past hour.
    Just sneak peeks for 10-15 seconds, after I got disconnected again.

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  • yea 20fps in garrison waiting for start raid, than no raid, try to rush asmo garrison, DC, cant login again

    nice raid starts after i was DC, and cant login for raid, nice GAME not. now i have -100 GP behind the others. nice fk game

  • @Gameforge: I seriously think that you should either roll back the server merge. Or ask NCSoft to upgrade their game engine. Or else Siege would be unplayable.

  • everyone set as low as possible high end machine, 3-5 fps depending on the location, sometimes i even get up to 10, if the open and farming gets worse as much as i expect it to, i'll probably just do PvE and quit the rest idk

  • I could nothing do ...lags ... dcs ... fps is high (15 - 20) .. but high ping as hell .. with 50k DSL.

    Lakrum feels like Divine Fortress Raid at the beginning of 6.2

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  • Siege completly UNPLAYABLE in Sillus server, 5-10 fps, 20 sec delay in every action and skill...


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