• You cant use Loci fast anymore because Casting Speed is not working with any kind of ress anymore. If you try to ress however as 2nd cleric, you will get either cc or bursted instantly, in 6.2 you could ress with Sage+ Loci but in 6.5 ( if you try, R.I.P)

    If also chanter does it he will also get bursted so only choice is Bard( but he/she will get bursted in %99 case ) or any class Protected by Templar, or Divine Curtain ( this is better )

  • bard has long ress timer now aswell #equality.

    i think it's a good change, it prevents just perma spam ressing and winning for example with pve etc

    kinda takes more skill to stay alive compared to just ress, ress ,ress and hope to get one lucky fear out etc

  • Really not a fan of the resurrection changes. What good is a bard now? Guess we'll get rid of ours now and get a second cleric.

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  • I like that changes. I remember one dred with middle team vs same team.

    We had advantage in points but like a brave asmos we came for fight. Enemys party:

    x2 cleric, x1 chant, sorc, sm, sin.

    They won just cuz x2 cleric and x1 chanter again and again ress those team. And my team didnt have dmg to kill x2 cleric before chanter ress one of them (and ofc cuz of fear time to time) :D

    (but we could just stay afk and win by points)

  • they probably made the cast speed change because of all the legendary/kaisinel forms decreasing the cast time to like 2s. i don't like that the cooldown is so long. also i keep forgetting and waste my sage wisdom for this haha. Feels bad to ress now.